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It kills me that someone’s been knocking at your door,
The far-fetched illusions don’t matter to me any more,
To turn around you think they’re always standing there.
Don’t be disappointed if you can’t live in the mould,
The blood that flows through your veins is hardly cold,
Make up your mind if you’ve inherited what the devil said.
In every somersault your head will turn around
Until you land on your feet, the bystander left amazed, “Just how?”
Well we’ve never paid much attention to the finer details
You think everyone in your rat race fights the duel,
Even the most foolish donkey can be mistaken for a mule,
You’ve made a mark for yourself but in comparison it pales
Yes, I know times have been tough, the weather was rough,
Every single minute disinterested, yet you played the bluff
On the ones that you think that you loved and cared
Please don’t justify that what you did was right,
Even mercy cannot be pleaded, for your sins you’ve been tried,
To douse the flaming fire that you have flared.

John Doe Blues Society




What Voices are you listening to?

It’s been quite a week (or two) around here.

Stop back by Saturday for Six Word Story.

I’ll tell you about the recent mistake I made….

Heeding  the very, very wrong Voice.

And how we overcame that error…to land on my feet once again.

SLWH #ButGod

Be Still & Know That IAM God. Psalm 46:10

When We Wonder, Be Still

When we wonder “how did we get here”… where are we going… listen . You may recall you’re right where you’re intended to be- ‘ Jeremiah 18: 1-4. I went to the house of the potter … The vessel he was making was spoiled..so HE made it over..reworking to make another vessel as it seemed good to #ThePotter to make. “

Be Still & Know That IAM God. Psalm 46:10

                                              Be Still & Know That IAM God. Psalm 46:10

Shandra White Harris 2015

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Two are Better

Not Alone

Two are Better...

Two are Better…

The tea pot whistles. It’s steamy head, breaking the silence, my only visible Companion.

Life is predictable, safe, routine. Spontaneous, adventurous, creative, free. To do, say, be who & what I wish.


On the heels of this realization comes fresh Revelation. I’ve always had this freedom. Embraced it. Lived it fully.

It’s what attracts me to kindreds & is attractive, in return.

What if . Just what if, this new Season is just that?


To do, say, be who & what I wish, with another?

Not Alone. But known.

Freedom together. Who knew.


Shandra White Harris 8/27/2015

How do you know you're Not Alone?

How do you know?

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Alone Join us)

sometimes also communing here: The Social Scene

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Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less:

“I recently reviewed a resume for a colleague who was trying to define a clearer career strategy. She has terrific experience. And yet, as I looked through it I could see the problem she was concerned about: she had done so many good things in so many different fields it was hard to know what was distinctive about her.


As we talked it became clear the resume was only the symptom of a deeper issue. In an attempt to be useful and adaptable she has said yes to too many good projects and opportunities. She has ended up feeling overworked and underutilized. It is easy to see how people end up in her situation:

Step 1: Capable people are driven to achieve.

Step 2: Other people see they are capable and give them assignments.

Step 3: Capable people gain a reputation as “go to” people. They become “good old [insert name] who is always there when you need him.” There is lots right with this, unless or until… Continue reading


Banshee Night for Friday FIctioneers NEW!

Every Friday authors from around the world gather here to share their 100-words and offer constructive crit and encouragement to each other. This creates a wonderful opportunity for  very fresh fiction! Readers are encouraged to comment as well. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hostessing each week. 

My contribution this week is: Genre:  Fiction Word Count: 100

You’ll find it below the photo prompt. Feedback is always appreciated!

100 +- writers, 100+- words, 100+- original stories. Join us! The next photo is the PHOTO PROMPT -© Madison Woods. Where does it take you? Can you tell us in a hundred words or less with a beginning, middle and end? Ready, set, write! Continue reading


Woman to Woman Wednesday- Five Lessons We Celebrate (Mostly) ! with a caveat…or two.


Five of our Sisters L-R: The Author, Shandra, Marlene M Pie Catering, Pat, Linn, Pastor’s wife and new School Principal Cheryl. All New friends, having coffee this morning in our little slice of Heaven Sisters Oregon.

There are times in Life when you know you need to go, move on, but familiar seems better.

The routine, faces, traditions are somehow comforting.

Or perhaps breaking the ties, making a move, seems just too painful.


These former (Willamette) Valley Girls above (and probably you!) have a ‘comfort’ story.

A: “Dear God, this Is NOT The Way I thought It Would Look” chapter.

Yet, here we are smiling, again.

The appointments God arranges are truly amazing. Continue reading


You’re nothing like they claimed – When Silence Is Enough

Though these fine folks had been family friends for more than 15 years, We’d never, but in passing. met.

They lived catty-corner from my Grandparents in the small (it is fair to say miniscule) town in which my earthly father had grown up. The same one we returned to for 30+/- years each hot (v-e-r-y) hot summer. Indeed it is well-known their care, friendship & love is the main reason my pioneer spirit Grands were able to keep and live “independently” in their home of 50 years as age, and it’s ever faithful companion Father Time, marched relentlessly on.

I’d not been here since 2010. By choice. The tension. A cold shoulder, or two. The looks. Sometimes one must just say ‘no thanks.’ Enough said.

Back to here. People milling about . A petite silver-haired, purposeful woman came down the few  stairs.  We’d never really met until recently.  I’d heard about The Browns for years. EVERYONE knew TheBrowns. Said in a voice as if they were celebrities ;) which will give them such a chuckle as they read this. “Good people.” Enough said. Continue reading

Jesus The Light

When Jesus Walks The Aisles

 The Lord Inhabits The Praises Of His People  He does, O yes,  He truly does.

Two hours.

Expectation high.

Atmosphere expectant.

The One we seek & serve arrives.

Warmth, light, Holy Spirit electricity, Peace, flood the room as senses heighten.

Weeping. Prostration. kneeling.

Angelic hosts accompany Our King. Heralding Him. Ministering to HIM.  Light permeates the room -bright shimmering Light….glowing brighter and warmer.

My face is aglow. My cheeks flushed.

White seeping through the room under my closed lids is so brilliant and white.

Wait. Not the room.

The Aisle. To my Right.

Slowing. Just behind.

Stopping just beside.

The Brilliance, His Holiness.


who am I?????

Slightly my head instinctively turns left, away. so unworthy to be seen, to BE in the Presence of this One True King.

With warmth, love, compassion & Mercy He Whispers,

“Do not turn away, Child.”

” Daughter, You are so Worthy”

Like the prodigal,&  the druggie, Mary Magdalene, & the sex addict, the Pharisee, & the gambler, the Sadducees, & the trafficker, the estranged, & The Righteous& Upright alike all those HE came to touch, deeper still….

Christ the King. Christ The One. I can Not keep silent. Christ is NOT dead. Christ is NOT a meek, broken man on the Cross.

Jesus Christ is ALIVE and WELL. He’s calling YOU. He whispers “do not turn away, Child…you are so worthy”

Do not turn away. Run to HIM. He’s Not mad at you.

Give Him permission to touch the deepest, inner parts.

It matters.


(thank you for your personal, special request prayers you hand full know who you are.)

Linking here: The Social Scene


In Kingdom Economy, There’s No Such Thing

  1. 1.
    a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.
    “it’s no coincidence that this new burst of innovation has occurred in the free nations”
    synonyms: accident, chance, serendipity, fortuity, providence, happenstance, fate;

    a fluke
    “too close to be mere coincidence”
  2. 2.
    correspondence in nature or in time of occurrence.
    “the coincidence of interest between the mining companies and certain politicians”
    synonyms: co-occurrence, coexistence, conjunction, simultaneity,contemporaneity, concomitance

    The fact that this Lovely friend and I met for a catch up chat on this day…is no small orchestration. The meeting of Two Story Teller hearts who remind each other of the importance of our History…together and with IAM. Priceless.

    Three hours of laughter, tears, reminiscence. Priceless, indeed. For that, I am truly grateful.

    Sherry is called to Israel. The people. The History. The Savior. To do so she obediently, against every earthly constraint, opened The Beth Israel House of Prayer in Bend, Oregon. A Christian House of Prayer. Christians United for Israel. Imagine.


    Beth Israel goes to Israel. The bloggist left and Sherry, The World Changer, right. October 3, 2014

    In this Season of Grace . What in my previous Life (BHS- before Holy Spirit) might have been laid out to ‘coincidence’, is clearly, clearly Clearly! in God’s perfect plan…always had been. Never a doubt.

    When God said “Go to coffee” with a long ago acquaintance, sometime last summer. I didn’t hesitate. I was certain of the outcome, had set soft but clear (to me) guidelines of one hour, to allow escape  (for both of us). We had a nice little coffee chat…and imagine my surprise when almost 2 hours later we finally left. (how’d that happen? )

    Wrapping up, I was done. Rarely indulging my curiosity, I’d been surprised when God had said “Go & See”.

    Well, I’d been indulged and satisfied this time. but…No. No. No.

    This encounter was pleasantly nothing like I’d expected but…still…No. No. No.

    Too fresh. Too soon. For both of us.

    Imagine my GREATER surprise when IAM  Whispered, “Yes”. Stunned. I stood in the parking lot ready to leave…staring ahead… “Yes, I’d like that” came from my own lips.

    Since that first encounter, this friend from l-o-n-g ago has helped me unpack some ‘baggage’ that I’d always wondered who’d packed in the first place , listens to my wonderings, and answers them when needed. Accepts my silence and my talking too much, most importantly my Faithful, Faith-Filled Lifestyle. There are no coincidences in The Kingdom Economy. (this is Not about finances, but that God’s World does NOT operate by The World)

    August-October Progression; Late arrivals-spots & all. Camp Sherman Oregon

    We’re here. For such a time as this. In this moment.  For however long or short. Not to over** think or over plan. (note to self**)

    To enjoy each other’s mature company. To answer each other’s long unasked-questions. Or not. To listen with The Heart of Compassion. To remind each other of the importance of our positive History…together. Priceless.

    Living In The Moment Like Never Before…and Loving it…Priceless indeed. :)

    For that…I am truly thankful.


    This story can also be found with: The Social Scene

    Hazel and the Folks Tell Me A True Story 

    Holly and the Folks Your Scars are Part of Your Beauty


Wrestling with John

The river rushed over the rocks below. Swallows dipping and diving. I’d not slept well last night. My plan was to grab and go.

The Sweet little coffee shop on Water Street, was thankfully open at this early hour. “To go?” he asked.

“Yes, please”. Then I spotted the Quiche.

“Actually, I’ll sit on the deck if you don’t mind.”


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Your Duty

There But for The Grace of God

Spending a lot of time lately in my Home Town has been a mixed bag. Spending a lot of time lately in my Child Hood home has been even more so.

This morning, a beautiful blustery on again off again mixed media of  wind, rainbows, sunshine & bright swirling early November leaves.


Walking on. Memories.

Past the Fine Arts building . Memories. The Golden Lab Greeter. On an evening run off leash  she sensed ‘miles away’ a gathering of well dressed after hours attendees . That. moment. Choosing To Greet. running in their midst. Muddy paws, jumping on black suits & silk gowns. Oh. The shame of it.  Sweaty & flushing as I entered their now slightly disheveled mostly still glamorous midst  to retrieve my smiling-sohappytomakeyouracquaintance- dancing rain-soaked, muddy Blonde Lab. Retriever.

Walking on. Memories.

“Welcome to Western ” the sign in brightly hand-printed tiles. Roses in bloom. Fragrant. Sweet. The back door of the building where for many hours over many months we studied for our Teacher Tests. Life long dreams…resting on a few hours exams. Thank you Math tutors who never gave up…but might have finally given in ;) .


Walking on. Memories.

The Apartments. You gals in this era may not understand. or. You might.

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One Woman’s Opinion~Just Exactly When Do Girls Become Trash? Words of An 8 Year Old Champion

Its Spring Break here in this small town. I know several families very happy it is. No, not because there’s any sign of Spring mixed into the clouds and snow. Because its a break from school.

The one place we’ve always thought as parents and General Public our children were safe.  Think again.

When and how exactly does a grown man decide that little girls are trash?

When and how does an entire education system, administration, peer network and city turn a blind eye?

Would it surprise you to know that in a lovely little school on a lovely little street in this lovely town a teacher has targeted one lovely little girl from each of his PE classes of which to make an example? This is now public knowledge. New to me and you. This and much more, admitted by said teacher.

Now the parents know, the children have always known and his peers and administration have known for how long?

One charming blonde child (did I mention it’s always a girl?) was picked up and dropped into the garbage can. Eight. 8 years old. Trash.


Did you hear that? A 40 something year old  elementary  teacher paid and commissioned to teach, protect , steward and honor your children sends the message to his charges “she is garbage” . Other actions include taking another girl’s  shoes and throwing them across the gym (because she wasn’t wearing the correct pair). Now lets take this and multiply it times the ten classes he teaches at this school alone, always quiet little girls who are humiliated and bullied into further submission as “examples” to their peers.

Yes.  Does anyone else find this interesting? Appalling?

Thinking, further how long has this been going on? Could this be the reason your daughter has trouble feeling safe now that she’s in middle school?  Could this “lovely” example from this male role model, be why so many of the boys feel comfortable crossing others’ boundaries and bullying?

Research shows . Well Look it up. You can look around our own districts right here  to see the statistics of turning a blind eye . Across the nation.

How many times have I seen this? You? Teachers , men and women, who don’t like children or blame their students for the fact that they themselves can’t teach, manage or didn’t make it to the big leagues.

Why was it that “public” discipline of this teacher has included only one day of suspension and he was back teaching PE  and coaching in the same schools with the same students the very next day? Really?

Why is it when dozens of parents have questioned the safety from retaliation and further harassment of their children they were told they could be the classroom monitors. The parents? Monitoring a TSPC licensed Teacher? Really? This is not a monitoring problem folks. Even if you’d like to label it with the white wash of simply a “management style issue” he has clearly crossed every boundary of intimidation and fear.  This is not going away.

The questions are endless . The repercussions to these families, several whom have rightly sought therapists for the trauma their children have undergone this school year. Several are considering home school (which I love by the way) The looks in the eyes of the parents who thought their children were safe in the school of their choice at the hands of the teacher hired to teach healthy, appropriate fun and games.

In the truer than true words of an insightful group of 8 year old Champions~

Mr., You should be fired.

Just one Woman’s opinion.

As a parent, friend, Female and Teacher, Shandra, March, 2013


Now in 2015 with a new Voice, often linking here  :  The Social Scene

2015 Follow up: this is s true story. As a new school year begins I’m dusting this off. As a future Administrator (candidate), current Teacher, empty nest Single- Mom please hear me: pay attention to your child. Be involved with your schools.  If there are changes in your sweet little angel investigate. Do NOT let the school system staff tell you you’re over reacting (unless you really are) if you’re child or others are in danger youe ARENOT overreacting or overprotective. Do NOT let ‘the school system’ (secular or faith-based: model, magnet or private) raise your children. Do you understand?

Pay attention. Raise Holy Heck til someone listens and ACTS> You’ll be glad you did. & so will they.

John 11: 28

Room for Cream He’s Asking for You

She sat. Just sat. She couldn’t seem to move. How could this be?

She thought of the Love and Laughter, just days before in their little home .

Now, all she could hear was the wailing and weeping of Mourners mingled with the sound of her  own silent grief. Tears silently falling into the folds of her dress.

Her hair which had once again fallen in pools around her shoulders, she used to wipe away her tears. Just for a moment she smiled at the thought of what her sister would say about this untidy tangle of curls. On the other hand her brother had always smiled when…her brother.


Why had He not come? They sent word in plenty of time. Her sister even emphasising their affectionate relationship “the one You love” is ill. Still He had not come.  And now her beloved brother was dead. Four days buried. Oh, Lazarus how she missed him.


Perhaps it was the shock of true grief. Perhaps it was the loud song of true Mourners. She had not heard the stirrings in the next room. The movement which might have alerted her had she been her usual attentive self, had gone unnoticed.

The curtain gently, firmly came up. Her sister Martha stood in the coolness of the shadows. Barely registering the words, her numb body tried to respond.

Once more her sister  said, with greater clarity, “Mary,  Jesus is coming. He’s asking for you“.


 Journeying through the Book of John . This short story is in response to the Weeks Question~

Week 6 Blue Journal

Blue Journal Defining Statement ~Let It Be Said


O that it may some day be said of Me, and you Friends, “He Is Asking For YOU.”  

Can you hear Him? Will you answer?


Until next time~Shandra~


no secret messages here #MoveOn #theend


Remembrances from The Help – Book, Movie & Life Reflections

Copyright by Shandra Lee White Harris :

“Why are you here? she said in a stage whisper”…”Once I told the truth about how it felt to be me, I was free.” …patiently, cautiously explaining to a child who still does not understand, the hatred, anger and fear of the people on the screen caught in the chaos of fighting for their rights. Her face or shape have no remembrance for me, but her patience, gentleness and kindness do….There have been many defining moments in my Life where sitting with, owning & speaking the Truth is the most empowering Gift we can give ourselves and others….

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An Open Door by Holly McKim


An Open door (Chink in the armor)

Opening the door, of my steel enclosure,

Shielding my eyes from the light in fear of overexposure.

Standing in the shadows, daring to dream.

Oh my heart take courage, to jump into the stream.

Kneeling on the familiar cold firm floor,

hesitant to step out- to dare for a piece of abundantly more.

Gathering the courage to fight off Satan’s lies,

to know in the choosing, that truth begets LIFE!

Distant echoes resounding from the soul,

welling up from within, calling seasons of old.

    “Choose LIFE! Choose FAITH!

    Choose to TRUST the God of Prison Break”

placing the beat of my heart on holy ground,

prostrate before the Wearer of Kingdom’s Crown.

if you recognized this as a guest piece~you are right! Reprinted with permission and written by a  very up and coming Poetess. The Talented and Lovely Miss Holly McKim :)

Until next time~~with heart before The Wearer of Kingdom’s Crown.  Trust The God of The Prison Break.


Lined with The Social Scene

Andrew, SH, Tori, Michael

My People, 5 Things & A New Family Tree

Whites, Scarboroughs, Goolsbys, Massengills, Harris. Family Crests. Family Trees.

Have you ever thought about it? One man, One woman marry. Creating a new branch.

More people, more families, more stories, more history.

Wayne and Levon (Goolsby) White 1958

Wayne, Levon, (20 day old) Shandra

Wayne, Levon, Shandra and Wayne Jr.

What we did on our summer vacation~ visit this magnificent country and our people. Learn from where we came. Hear the stories of joy, sadness, trials and triumphs. Visit the cemeteries where they rest, the homesteads where they created Lives. Look through oodles and caboodles of photo albums, visit kith and kin in homes, nursing homes, restaurants and churches. Ask about what ever happened to~ What have you hear about Cousin~ Share some tears, some joys, some journeys and Life with our people and their people.

What have I learned:

1. Life does not wait and there is no do over. This is it.  Create it. Change it. Make it.

~or settle and stay there.

2. People will not  know you  care  unless you show and tell.

3.  Family and relationship is indeed messy.

4. You can never go ‘home’ or go back. But with your eyes, ears and heart wide open you can learn from the past; pick up the keys and unlock the future.

I am choosing to create a new life. Take new risks, make new friends, keep some of the ‘old’ and let you all know I care. Taking with me some of who my people were and leaving lots of the rest.   I am choosing.  In other words…it might get messy living with my heart wide open..but I think I might be ready.

And 5. Never, Ever leave the wet fishing shoes in a hot car for 3 days.

Until next time~Shandra


Wayne Sr, Levon, Wayne Jr, Shandra TheStoryTeller....and a cat. there's a story there!

Wayne Sr, Levon, Wayne Jr, Shandra TheStoryTeller….and a cat. there’s a story there! 1973ish

The Social Scene and now in 2015 often linking here. A new summer full of reunions with new and old faces, adventure and reminiscing, stay tuned!. Shandra

Washed White as Snow.


I have a practice, as do some of my friends, which is to read a different version of the Bible each year. It has so opened my understanding to read different translations. It has really stretched me to NOT find the note or reference I had written in the OLD one so now must actually t-h-i-n-k about where it is in the new one and what the meaning and application might be in this season.

It was due to this tradition I discovered this Bible.( I mentioned it in an earlier post The Living Bible Paraphrased).) I came across it this January. Budgeting for a  new Bible just wasn’t to be, but had just witnessed half the pages of my Old Comfy Bible fly down the driveway landing silently in the crisp snow. What to do? Search the shelves of my overstocked and overworked bookcases of course. I saw this as a great opportunity to use an old comfortable Bible without “cheating”. After all~ I had to.

I went straight to the Max Lucado Study Bible I so love. Columns of notes and references. Introductions to each chapter of whom, when and how it was written.  Ahhhh. As heavy as it is, I so love that Bible. Or perhaps the NIV Rainbow Study Bible with maps and references and cross references. Then… I saw the little green one. I have looked at this Bible for years. Five perhaps . It was in a box of stuff my mother wanted to get out of her house and now sat under the lamp on my night stand.

Hmmmm. Well then. I opened it….

The spine cracked~you know ~like one that has never been opened.

All this time.  The Truth. History. Answers. Family Tree. Family Crest.

From where we have come ~to where we are going.

Who knew? Continue reading

oregon  & beyond

Really going now!

Bright and “early” on July 2 about 10:30 am we headed out. Spirits high, morale high, hopes high. We made it to Boise. Yes, Idaho. By design. I do not like to sit.

What we learned that day and over the next days are:

1. have a plan.

2. be flexible with your plan But Know Where You are Going.

3. have a really great navigator. Continue reading

The Grand Road Trip

 That was the subject in the message line. Simple. Light bulb…illumination.

Small paradigm creating a Major Shift.  Having recently found a bible apparently given to me in 1973 which it seemed had never been opened. ( I was just beginning 7th grade~Jr High a very pivotal time for me and perhaps you~middle school, preteen years, emotions, uncertainty all calling out for guidance)  Having begun reading this same Bible 7 months ago, relishing the  little notes from my Grandmother. Looking up the Scriptures she had chosen and written out for me. For Me.

The Grand Road Trip  had a map. I just didn’t know.

Isn’t that what we are ALL in search of?  How many times daily do we wonder “am I going the right way? should I turn around? how will I know?”

Thank goodness for Google and Mapquest and the icons and virtual scenes that point the way…calling out YOU ARE HERE!  Thank goodness for smart gadgets and WIFI and connectivity. I would, at times, be lost without them.

Thank goodness for those that have gone ahead. That can map the route. That have snapshots. Those who can share their wisdom, knowledge, hurts, joys, triumphs as trailblazers in the hopes that just one might be saved the hurts, sorrows, darkness that taking the wrong road could bring. Or the joys, honor, self-respect, Peace, sanity and Prosperity taking the high road, the right road will bring.

The Grand Road Trip requires a Grand Road Map.    Life.

People who have been there, done that and are willing to share.

The Grand Road Trip requires a Grand Road Map. Truth.   Life. Christ.  Life. The Word. Life. Who Knew?

Someone Knew.

Knowing Now..Sharing Now..Living Now…Shandra



#Disclaimer! A Total Tantrum Triggered By The Amoral Folks @Ashley Madison

One day a very little girl went to school. Over night, everything had changed. And no one would-could tell her why.  One day Bibles, School prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance were {poof} GONE!

When the Court Took on Prayer and the Bible in Public ..

Say what you may (I know you will)…one of the beauties of this Great Land is freedom. I grew up in the 50’s with June Cleaver on TV (not in my home) and escaping to foreign lands, with Walt Disney on Sunday nights.

-SchoolPrayer @Waggoner

-SchoolPrayer @Waggoner

My future grandchildren will grow up with Jazz/ Cait, Mistresses, Devious maids, Naked Dating, WAGS, and 50Shades of STUPID as ‘the norm’.

When did reason, balance and a moral compass become so uncool? WHY is cheating celebrated? When did monogamy become so UNsexy?.

I sat in my car today and cried. I cried when I heard of this Ashley Madison® – Married Dating & Discreet encounters – for the first time. Ever. (EVEN Yahoo & Google have the common sense to caution against this, a oot point really.)

And with it came an interview celebrating the first site in the 198-‘s . She said any woman who was offended by her man-husband going elsewhere wasn’t enlightened. Should be HAPPY he was dallying discretely.

YOU ask where I’ve been? Happy to say,  I choose to live in a different world.*** 

I’m really tired of this. repeat








Unfaithfulness- for the record, is watching, viewing, participating, thinking on, flirting, cheating. discreetly or otherwise.

cheating is

If you’re deleting search history why bother with  your partner. Be the better or Walk away now. #selfish

God’s plan is One man one woman. Monogamous relationships are sexy, satisfying  fulfilling, challenging, rewarding & forever when you do it God’s way.

Ladies & Gents, why are you putting everything out there for a guy-gal  you wouldn’t spend the rest of your Life with??? or who hasn’t truly committed to spend the rest of his-her  Life with you?

You have freedom to chose but you’ll not be free from the consequences.~~~

I’ve just finished this book again:

52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives

If you expect a relationship to be fulfilling take some pointers.

For Women Only

*God has a plan . If YOU can’t be satisfied monogamous; if you feel you need the primal excitement of numerous partners. then do us all a favor-DO NOT commit yourself to one person.  Grow UP. Admit to yourself you can’t be satisfied, committed. I guarantee you. YOU  will lose because of the emptiness of these illicit relationships. For that I’m truly sorry, for yo and yours.

But hey who am I ? Just a silly little monogamous sexy sensual confident one man Woman.

*If you would put as much time and energy into your RELATIONSHIP as you do into planning your cheating, imagine what your marriage could be? But hey who am I? I guess the old “what she doesn’t know wont hurt her’ system will win? Think again.  Ashley Madison hack list: How to check if your partner’s .. and of course what to say if your spouse finds your . excuses, excuses.

My sister.. Don’t settle for half-a-man Tony Gaskins

Why Do Women Cheat?

*One of my favorite shows on TV is was  House of Cards and Scandal..the intrigue, manipulation and treachery depicted now fuels a righteous slow burn within me (but that’s another rant) regarding politics. The marriage between the Star WIVES & the Beloved is a prime example of what Hollywood says Marriage is about -BORING. NON-SENSUAL. Simple Dynasty building. Well who would want to be part of that? Only the illicit affair can be exciting, sexy and fulfilling? Says WHO???

*When our Nation took prayer out of school, when Nations and World embraced sexual use of children, XXX rated prime time shows and smut movies as ‘the norm’, what do we expect?

Well. Glad you asked. Continue reading

Rod and Shandra Fathers Day weekend  2015 Texas

That was Then This Is Now – The God of Second Chances

You can read a bit of the beginning  In Kingdom Economy… and by clicking an of the links peppering this post.

Coincidence? Me thinks not.

Right place. Right Time?

Me thinks so.

Open to try a new relationship? Not so much.

But that was then .

Once upon a time a handsome, Brave man sent a friend request to a certain woman.

fffriend request

Friend request 7/2014

She ignored it. She was clamped tighter than a clam.

And she had a plan. (which may, or may not, have included homesteading  in the Great State of Texas. )

Until curiosity got the better of her.


God said “Go”. I said, “NO” .

But I did, of course, obey. So for coffee, I (gasp away) invited him.


Coffee date 8/21/2014 Looney Bean Bend Oregon

With tightly set parameters and having laid out the ‘rules’

so I (or he) could escape, we met. After nearly 40 years.

Rod and Shandra Portland Oregon 12/2014

We’d parted on (very) wobbly footing all those years ago.

Now? Simply curious.

Imagine my disappointment when he was such a nice guy! ;) Drats!

← Love Is Free But Trust Is Earned -How to Risk Trusting Someone Again

(come on- you know you hope your ‘ex’ will always be unhappy, bitter and miserable)

My curiosity satisfied. Walking away (after nearly 2 surprising hours of conversation) he asked about a ‘real date’.

I opened my mouth to say “No thanks”. To my true surprise some voice said “Yes, Please.”

gods plan

That was then.

This is now.


Rod and Shandra San Diego Vacation 2015

Today marks the Anniversary of that first Coffee date. (he tells me)   6 ways Evidence of Change

When God gives you a guy who remembers small things like anniversary dates, old times, first songs, first kisses, first prayers?

He might just be worth a #secondglance.

thoughtful & kind. (and kinda cute)

thoughtful & kind. (and kinda cute) Rod @my home Surprise! Date night flowers. 8/21/2015

We spent our date night in a local House Of Prayer. A home alive with The Lord.

Me thinks that is definitely a #secondchance in the making.

7 essentials for building a great relationship →

Drop by in September for more remembrances of that first “Official Date”.

What? Can’t wait another week?

Instagram captures our adventures now days. You’re Welcome. :)


Until next time, Shandra Lee White Harris

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Down By The Bay For Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction

It’s Time for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers prompt! The task is to write a story: beginning, middle, and end, in 100 words or less. Contributors from all over the world join in each week.

You can find all the Fictioneers’ stories when you click on the Froggy. Please read, comment, and if you like, join the fun. Everyone is welcome.

You’ll find my contribution below this week’s photo prompt; Critiques welcome!

Genre: Fantasy  Word Count: 96


Photo by @ ce ayr ‘Demolition’


Moisture? Not a cloud in sight. Yet spray misted my face once more. Wiping it away, I brought it to my lips. Salty? What the…?

40 years in this city. All right Down town. Salt water? Certainly, someone’s idea of a joke.

‘Hang on Harriet . Breathe. You’re losing it, old girl’. Giggling, the Old Woman thought of that RAFFI  song she’d played (til the tape finally broke) for her own muchkins.

How silly they’d think her now. Ignoring the playful splashes of the spouting pod, on she walked, humming BABY BELUGA while thinking FREE WILLY.

Shandra White Harris

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