Of Progress, Jesus and Gentlemen

This road I barely recognized~so many changes. A big ole road project had turned much of this little FM road into upturned Red Select  dirt and ‘caution’ signs with giant noisy earth movers making way for even more, faster, distant people movers.

Progress comes, changes happen, ready or not.

In the midst of this I somehow overlooked the intersecting jog to  the familiar Texas Road 69. The map and directions i had been given at the airport by the  up and coming mover and shaker crowd had become null and void.

“hmmm” shoulda chosen the rental with the GPS ” said the little voice. ” don’t even go there! ” barked My voice. Thank goodness for “unlimited rental miles “.

The road crew, hired from out of another state, were no help. (probably if  the job had been digging something up, having something (or someone) buried or destroyed they would have been happy to aid, but with peaceful directions, not so much.) Pulling to the side at the next intersection I noticed a very large video and appliance store (not those sorts of videos although it was just as out-of-place )at the intersecting farm roads…reckon they’re  holding on for all those faster upandcomers. Continue reading

Wait For This Man reblog from the Brave Girl Community

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Wait For This Man

By BraveGirl Guest on Apr 08, 2015 08:37 pm

Dear Daughter,

I’m writing this letter about twenty years early (or forty if your father has his way), but one day you will read these words and they will connect. They will mean something to you. What I need to tell you can be summed up in one word:  WAIT.

Let me explain…

Yesterday I was resting in my favorite chair. It was about 5:00 pm, and I had been feeling under the weather all day. I sat and watched your daddy take stacks of folded clothes from the couch into our bedroom to put them away. Stacks that I folded two days ago and that I could have easily put away, but I hadn’t gotten around to it. He didn’t say anything; he just did it. He did it for me because he knew I needed help. And as I watched him, I had to fight back tears because I suddenly had this thought: “I hope Molly finds this some day.”  And I think you will, if you can remember to wait. Wait on the guy who finishes your chores for you – who comes through in little ways to let you
know he cares. Continue reading


Turn and Transform (Romans 12:1) reblog from The Brave Girl Community

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Turn and Transform (Romans 12:1)

By BraveGirl Emily on May 18, 2015 06:37 am

Romans 12.1 cover

Dear Daughter,

I remember the feeling all too well. That gnawing, churning pit of trepidation began in my gut and worked its way to my chest. I remember feeling hazy and weightless, as if my spirit was trying to escape what my body was exposing it to. I was on the edge of a sharp precipice, and my next decision would determine my fate. The boy? Well, I don’t remember too much about him in that moment. I do remember the unspoken challenge in his eyes. The “I dare you” message he was sending me. To this day, I can’t explain what made me push away except that maybe in the midst of the silent roaring between my ears I picked up on a whisper – a still, quiet voice that said, “This is not who you are. You are not his. You are Mine.” And it was enough. I didn’t free-fall into darkness that day; instead, I backed away to safety. He stopped calling. I swore off guys. Ironically, a month later I met the man I would one day marry.

Sounds like an after-school special, doesn’t it? Girl faces temptation but makes the honorable choice. Girl is rewarded with a husband. Yeah…except there was slightly more to it than that. My story cannot begin to be summed up in this one event, but that night almost fifteen years ago was a defining moment in my young life. At nineteen years old, I did make a choice. I said no. Part of me wanted to say yes, but mostly so I wouldn’t disappoint a boy who clearly wasn’t giving me the same consideration. And while I still managed to blow it big time in many ways over the following months, that decision unveiled an inner strength that could only have come from God. So why even mention that night? Because of the redemptive power of Jesus – you see, this story, my story, is really all about Him…

My favorite book of the Bible is Romans, and Chapter 12 holds a special place in my heart. Each of its’ twenty-one verses have helped shape me as a woman and continually challenge me to look at others through the eyes of Jesus. The first verse specifically speaks to Christians who struggle with temptation: Continue reading


Hungry for Meaningful Relationships ? Not another Mothers Day post

Trigger warning! :) If you are easily offended…you need to read this!

Blank Warning

Beginning one thought which converge, expand, contract and contrast. A conversation here. There. What began as just another Mother’s Day blog idea rolled on, as God ideas often do.

At the end of this post (if you make it that far ;) ) you’ll find some links that relate to singleness, marriage and ‘searching’. Because we all ,every one, crave meaningful connection. to. be. known.

God’s plan is for Community, partnership and purpose.

HIS purpose.

May I ask you dear friend, what’s your hurry? Why do you rush from one relationship to another, with barely a breath in between? From one dating site to another? Why do you pin yourself on one being, hoping s/he will fit you?

That is NOT God’s design.

Take your time to get to know people. Enjoy the company of many. If you have no same gender friends with whom you can be open, trustworthy and accountable I’m asking “why? why not?” Who do you intentionally connect with because you enjoy or learn from each other?  Share your latest antic? Tell your dreams? So many of you repeat, repeat, repeat, God’s plan out-of-order. STOP!


When we come across someone who listens or fills another basic human need, we can so easily mistake that for “love’ or security. God’s plan is for those needs to be met in loving, safe, respectful design.

“Until you’re comfortable with yourself, you’ll never know if you’re choosing someone out of loneliness or love.” Mandy Hale

What really stirs your heart? How do you know about true Intimacy  with other people? Until you know yourself and what you really care about? (or what really ticks you off and why) you will repeat the past. You bury or get rid of the issues without addressing them within…until you know God.

Continue reading


Parable of the Eagle- chapter 3, A Letter to my Sons reblog

This post by my blogging Pixie Dust Sister is so incredibly much of what we try to say. All ‘good ‘ parents know if we’ve done our parenting role well, they are to someday leave the nest, and ultimately find their own way. Find their own footing & build their own strong foundation.

Happy Day to my own two sons of whose magnificent hearts I am well proud.

Please enjoy this repost by Shareen. It speaks my own heart well Parable of the Eagle- chapter 3, A Letter to my Sons 

“Yesterday,  I was struggling with how to help me and my son Brand get thru a blue day.  At the tail-end of a great deal prayer, I flipped open my laptop, and opened my documents folder without really having any idea what I’d find.  Almost instantly, my eyes landed on a letter I wrote to my future sons many years ago but had long since forgotten.  There was such a powerful uplifting feeling while I read it out loud to the two of us- It’s funny how the lord prepares things for us before we even know we need it.  Today I am doing much better- in fact I have been feeling well enough to ponder the next installment of my Eagle parable.  So here we go…..


Not long after his visit with the Eaglet in his nest- the Lord went out across the mountain ridges to find the young bird’s mother. Continue reading


Not just A Day – The Hook Of Mass Marketing & Misguided Traditions

Valentine’s DAY, Mother’s DAY, Father’s DAY, BirthDAY…Anniversary.

The ‘wisdom’ in mass marketing says this is THE day. The one and only. Honor THIS Day. Don’t blow it!

Guilt, Guilt, Guilt. (um, well, that’s what I’ve heard, anyway)


Why, ask I,  put so much pressure on one 24 hour time slot? Continue reading


Sex Trafficking Crimes – Oregon Legislative Update Hearsay Exceptions HB 3040

 Exodus Cry “ …the brokers go in the name of relief to kidnap or lure women. We are distributing assistance to make people aware that someone might come to lure them.” Keep Nepal in your prayers. ‪#‎NepalEarthquake‬ The Guardian

 You may not be aware the first human trafficking FBI prosecution- trial in Oregon came from a servitude-slavery case right here in Sunriver Oregon. Lured in, as above, with the promise of a better life. Unfortunately slavery is alive & well right in our backyard . traffickers are savvy, slick and often unsuspected. It happens around the globe & right next door. Keep Oregon in your Prayers. Shandra
An excerpt from the  Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans Newsletter: 

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Picture It & Write! May 3, 2015 They Danced On

This week’s entry into the Picture it and Write creative writing challenge hosted by the authors of Ermiliablog. Please leave a comment below if you love it. Otherwise… see ya next week!


“How lovely” ,  they whispered in awed unison. Stepping into the old home  they’d been whisked back to days of old. Grand Manors of stately, finely dressed dancers. Caught in a timeless fantasy.

The enchantment of the home drew them in as quickly as it had so many others, overcoming reason with sights, sounds and senses for only a chosen few.

Magically melodic notes twinkled as pungent summer air floated in from the open doors. The cool summer breeze dancing with dust Fairies, the brilliant sun reflecting the glittering ball across the charming room.

“We’ll take it!” Nearly breathless with excitement at their good fortune  pressed tightly together they sashayed across the room, completely blind to the small wizened face, peering tearfully from within the dazzling gazing ball. A man. Calling. Cautioning. Once caught up himself in the romance of the room.

Blissfully unaware of the warning, they danced on.


A note from out Hostesses: “I urge people to join in, comment with your paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. It doesn’t have to follow my story or reflect the same themes. It can be a poem or in a different language (provide a translation please :) ). Anyone who wants to join in, is welcome. This photograph will be reblogged under Ermisenda on tumblr and added to the Picture it & Write gallery on Facebook and Pinterest.

Please continue to write however you’re inspired, but add a tag to the beginning of your post if there’s mature content in order to keep Picture it & Write an engaging event for all of our followers.”

Happy Reading! Happy Writing! Shandra


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