Hello World! Are We Blogging Yet?

Hmmm. This one came from way way back as a reminder. 

Short & Simple. ūüėČ

I’m still in awe. We have words. We put them to pages. We read & support each other. Other People read?! Well. Who Knew?

Glad you’re here. Read on~~~~Shandra 11/1/2015


… If anyone had told me one year ago, six months ago, or even¬†three weeks ago that I would¬†be sitting here… in THIS chair…the seat of a B-L-O-G-G-E-R…well. I suppose that is how all writers (and bloggers) feel at first.

Let me say that I have read really great blogs on travel, on issues, on really important and vital thoughts that can change the world~~~this will not¬†might not be one of them! This¬†is simply to¬†allow the thoughts to escape my mind¬†(and bypass my mouth)¬†so that my brain , my poor sons and gracious¬†friends don’t explode. My wiring-my creation-¬†is to listen… But when I feel¬† I have something to say to someone I trust..oy.

These written words will be part of a much bigger plan to encourage my freedom, my confidence and therefore my inner beauty, stretch my abilities, open my heart and my mind in 2010.

Fill the day with coffee, smiles, gratitude...writing! photo by @andrewwayne )
Fill the day with coffee, smiles, gratitude…writing! photo by @andrewwayne ) Bend Oregon 2012

So you see dear reader,¬† IF you happen to stumble along here and see a zillion hits or zero…it’s ok. If you happen to read something with which you agree, disagree, that might make you smile or cry…it’s ok. ¬†This is one time¬†it truly is all about me…and it’s ok.

¬†So. This is how it feels. Wise. All knowing. Surreal. Private. Protected. Powerful….Blogger….but none of those are accurate. In the real world feelings and truth often collide. So. Here am I. Still the same vulnerable, private, passionate woman. At times focused and purposeful, at times feeling lost and uncertain. At times¬†cautious and closed,¬†at times open and transparent. So. THIS is how it feels.

Looking back on 2009 with wonder, amazement and awe. Looking toward 2010 with hope, confidence, and a heart wide open.  Shandra


#WithHeartWideOpenMinistries 2009
#WithHeartWideOpenMinistries 2009

In 2015? linking here often: The Social Scene . Who knew? Reflecting on What have I learned from all this blogging? What tips might YOU share for a future (or current) writer-to-be? 

My Beloved and Me. We Laugh.A Lot . 2015
My Beloved and Me. We Laugh.A Lot . 2015


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