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 Let’s get it clear right up front~I am not a theologian. I am not a scholar.

Sheesh, in the previous five years ( at a time when I NEEDED to be hearing The Living Word of God) I have made it through the bible only three times, with 2009 being the ‘best’ yet by reading daily and every single page…and there is still much I  don’t understand.  Please do not misunderstand, it is not that I just never picked up The Bible during that time, I was and am, involved in numerous bible studies and classes and ministries. I am talking about a systematic  daily reading plan that feeds the soul. The repetition that allows the Living Word to speak new meanings and become etched into ones heart and mind.

 “Common” events (or people) in the christian world I rarely seemed to experience or even be aware of. Until about two years ago I had never heard of a little lady named Beth Moore (who drastically changed my outlook on restoration, transformation, and possibilities) and until about a year and half ago it had been almost forty years since I had seen a real live- sold out to God man- on his knees in passionate pursuit of the Lord. 

I am not a theologian or a bible scholar, but I am a woman of great Faith who has seen God work impossibilities into action. Who has moved heaven and earth for His righteous beloveds those who call out and turn toward Him. I am a woman who, until about 4 years ago had never heard of the Holy Spirit. Oh, you detail people! Ok, I had HEARD of the Holy Spirit…”Father, Son, Holy Spirit….When The Spirit comes upon you…” I had never HEARD of, or from, THE Holy Spirit.

If you know anything about me you know I was wary, cautious (imagine!) of this potentially weird stuff….Prove it…show me the data.

I know that many of you reading this are feeling the same way. As a child , when we went to church it was to the traditions of the Southern Baptist. Then as a mother of young children I sought out the familiar (and the church literally around the corner) which was the SBC. I had many notions about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. Most of them based on earthly examples. Most of them negative. Probably the same with you? I explored and embraced the worlds’ religions and faiths, and still say your belief is your belief. One thing I have learned is that each one of us MUST own our own faith. I can tell you, show you, teach you~but you make it your own.

I am not a scholar or theologian, but I know what I know, I know what I own and I know what I have seen…miracles. When the power of the Holy Spirit is invited in to one broken woman He shows up with Glory, signs and wonders.  Coincidences? No. I am NOT a bible scholar. I AM a woman of great and growing Faith. I can see the threads having been woven over the years to bring me and mine to such a time as this. Free will~choices. Passive or Take a stand. The power of The Holy Spirit is true and Alive. .

Christianity a crutch? Not even. Weirdness? No! How much more courage it takes to say I am a Christian and stand for Christ than for perhaps, anything else. From one Grateful Heart who has come to a time with forever gratitude and gives thanks to Him for all He has done for this little family. Invite Him in. Let Him meet you and show you. What have you got to lose? 

 I am Living Proof (forgive me Beth 🙂 ) and grateful. I invite you to explore and ask questions.  A wonderful way to start is The Message Bible… it is in todays language easy to understand. There are zillions of audio bibles (and churches…yes, detail people, I said zillions!) Ask questions, show up, listen, p-r-a-y. Read that Bible, p-r-a-y, and LISTEN…listen the the Holy Spirit, listen to people of Godly wisdom, to people of Godly purpose and passion~it WILL change your life~Sheesh, HE will ROCK your world~~~ From one grateful heart~with forever gratitude. 


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3 Replies to “Gratitude and The Holy Spirit”

  1. Beth is a good sharer. I was very connected to listening to her at a ladies summer Bible class where her DVD was shown. Touched many then. One of my goals in life is to plant the seen of God in many, no matter how He drops it into me to share it out and about. That’s our present day life before we are in heaven. All we can count on. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. God is so gracious to fell us with His Holy Spirit when we ask in faith believing. This is an experience that usually happens after salvation. It is then that we are able to use our prayer language to filter straight through to the throne of God and it is like a code – – meaning the devil cannot understand what we are praying. Thank you for sharing with us at “Tell Me a Story.”

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