The Lifestyle of Gratitude

So here we are.  At the end of this theme of Gratitude. I think it started because I am. Grateful, I mean. Gratitude is  the state of being grateful..or..thankful for, conscious of benefits received, expressive of thanks, well pleased. Grateful people, to me,  are inspirational people because of their desire to give back. Their gift of themselves can forever change lives.

Locally, it’s people who step up when a single mom can’t pay her power bill of just over 100 dollars. Total strangers heard of her (and her childrens’) plight and pitched in to help rather than let her power be turned off in the midst of winter. As a result she has credit for several more months. I am thankful for the mentors who step in to fill the gaps in our schools left by devastating budget cuts. Coaches, volunteers, mentors, youth pastors and friends who say we can help.

Who ever knew I would be doing a ‘theme’ or even a blog? Is there so much more to say than 4  little posts on gratitude? Of course! I am sure you can’t help but think of numerous examples in your own life.  In my life their gift of themselves to me forever changed my life and I am forever grateful.  My hope is that you too would have an increasing reason to develop, and share, a wealth of  Gratitude.

On a ‘bigger’ scale, Dr Maya Angelou is a famous person who inspires me and reminds me to be grateful. Elegant, poetic and direct she pours into the world with her mentoring and her wisdom. www.mayaangelou  She gives back out of a heart of gratitude from where she has come.                                                       Dr. Maya Angelo

When people look at you what do they see? When you watch people of what are you first aware? Their clothes? Their car? Their smile? Are you put off by people who seem to have had the life of ‘favor’. Look closer. First impressions are important..believe what you see. But you can tell much more by watching over time…whether their life bears the fruit of bitterness or gratefulness. Mean and harsh or gentle and soft-spoken. Forgiven and forgiving. You already know that Beth Moore is one of my favorites as is Stormie Omartian. A lifestyle of gratitude from out of the ashes.

Stormie: A Story of Forgiveness and Healing

 Be thankful for connections that see the strain on the face of another and just listen…to share the tissue box or a laugh. Because they have been there and they are grateful for the opportunity to share with another. People who step up to rescue homeless teens and children trafficked. Ones who give their time and energy to orphans. These are people you know, people you work with, walk with, pray and play with…people I am honored to number among my friends and acquaintances. ‘Locals’ who inspire me with their Lifestyle of Gratitude. Every day people. Amazing “everyday” people.

  “Lifestyle” is the typical way of life of an individual, group or culture. You’ve heard the saying-  In one hundred years what will people remember about you? Your family? Your ‘culture’. What heritage are you leaving by your current lifestyle and fingerprint? Selfishness or selflessness. I am forever grateful for the characters in the world who demonstrate and inspire a Lifestyle of Gratitude through their words, actions, service, and honor of others…who look beyond themselves and their own circumstances, to reach out to the lost and lonely…and  always an eternal optimist or two~ just for fun~ 

 Until next time, Wishing you the best day ever~~Shandra



  1. Hi I couldn’t find the comment box at Gratitude and the Holy spirit, so I came here. I love it when women are interested and seeking for the Holy Spirit and His anointing in their lives. Miracles can happen and will as a person listens carefully and asks Him – “What do I say and do next?” May the Holy Spirit pour out upon you a continual flow of His power in your life. Teach what you have seen and heard and go for it.


    • Thanks so much for your perseverance Hazel. Think I’ve gotten it fixed now. And thanks VERY much for the Twitter share by @AJoyFullNoise. Blessings. Shandra


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