Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Ahhh Life! Most days I love it! Those are the days when everything goes the way I plan, I know what to expect and I am never (ok~ rarely) out of my functional, productive, relational little comfort zone. Those are the days I am operating in my strengths. I am~”Woman Who Knows What She Is Doing~Where She Is Going”.  I feel  focused, at ease, confident (and probably am having an extraordinarily good hair day).

Then there are those OTHER days. The ones where my weaknesses and areas in need of growth say “let me! let me!” Yikes. Ouch…and Ouch (again) Those are the days where I feel like a brand new teacher, staring at a familiar lesson plan as if I have been asked to teach the theory of relativity~ to it’s founder.  

Stumbling over the most basic social exchange as if I were from another planet. But obviously not from “Planet V” or I would have the entire human race entranced rather than shaking your heads, perplexed. The days where I am at a loss to explain how I got to this state or how to move out of it. Why? Oh why? Why do some of the supposedly simplest things seem so difficult at times? The Renaissance Woman Who is Still A Small Child….balancing a life beyond her design.  

 Mean people. Yep, I blame it all on Mean People. Encountering mean people over and over again has a way of  wearing one down and building walls up. What do you mean you’re not buying it?

Oh. Ok. How about PMS?  Extremely Bad Hair Day? PTSD? Not my BiMart membership Lucky Number Day? Bad Hair Decade? He’s touching my stuff!? The Change? Flat Tire? He looked at me!? Decaf!? The Grinch?..                                      

 Well, at any rate, in honor of those ‘other days’ and beings as it is ~YES~I said beings as~it is the season to celebrate the incredible Dr Seuss I shall share a story~~~so let us begin…

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