Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

The best thing that ever happened…

What a different perspective with time, healing, peace and knowing Someone cares. Amazing. Wonderful. Incredible. Two months ago or so, many friends, acquaintances and coworkers   watched as the legs were kicked out from under this family, for the millionth? zillionth? kabillionth time? in recent history. Another trial by fire. Not unusual in these times. Not unusual in this life.

The shock, self doubt, burden of responsibility and great grief were all still front and center (and still rise up, unbeckoned, at times), but focus, clarity, purpose and courage stirred daily to get ‘er done!  Since this is only partially my story, as is my custom to protect privacy, the details will remain purposefully blurry. I know that many of you wondered how much more this little lady and her son, could take. This time I really wondered , too. Some of you wondered if, or perhaps wished, I would stay down this time. But motherhood  and Life teaches us that we can only do what we can do…and that is to rise up, BELIEVE, call ourselves blessed and  go on. (and hope that our children will too, one day call us blessed)

The most amazing aspect of choosing to rise again, out of the ashes can come totally unexpected  benefits and blessings. Three days ago Andrew said “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me”…huh! what!?…hmmm. I know that literally and truly he was talking about on line~accredited~homeschool, working in your pjs, reading on the deck in the sun, teachers instantly accessible with instant feedback, learning at your own pace, small class size. That was the conversation, but the bigger picture is so much more. He has time, confidence and courage for healing, volunteering, strengthening personal boundaries, playing, making new friends, reflection, drawing closer to family and friends and a new found closeness and desire to deeply know God.  The son I once knew. No, no, the man he is meant to be.″></param><param  Kutless

Who knew that an astounding new course would be set? Who ever knows that the hardest decisions we make are sometimes going to be the best thing that ever happened? Well, Someone Knows.

 Until next time~Choose to Rise Up~ with your Heart Wide Open To Healing~it could be the best thing that ever happened.♥   Rita Springer

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