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The Gift of an Ordinary Day…

Hello Friends … Sarah, a school psychologist and pretty dedicated mommy herself,  sent this to me during a recent time of trial by fire. It was a time when I needed to be reminded how much I’ve LOVED…LOVED…LOVED  my kids…through ALL the stages, both good & challenging, of their lives!  And to be reminded love is shown in many different ways. (think ‘tough ‘love’) I have been truly blessed and saddened~to realize that each phase and stage WILL pass and so have found a blessing or silver lining through it all.

As you listen you may feel as if your own heart is coming out of the author’s mouth.

I encourage you to think about the speed with which your children grow, take a deep breath when you are feeling at the end of your rope or when your breath catches as you remember how much you love them…and they love you in return. They will be ‘gone’ before you are ready. Give them all the support, courage and confidence you can.  My friend and colleague Steve helps me remember, “Anyone can BE a parent. Good parenting requires time, patience, perseverance, sacrifice, courage, laughter and tears.”

Whether you are single parenting, blending families or the ‘traditional’ model fill the fridge, take a deep breath and love on those children and enjoy every gift of each day! Pray with them, pray for them and love them with all your strength and with your heart~wide open…It WILL be worth it. Shandra

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