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March Madness, Birthdays and Life Happen!

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March~ a month full of activity. March Madness: each year in a home  in the deep south I have relatives who congregate until the last game is played…snacks, beverages, multiple TVs, and friendly wagers like head shaving. (jk).  Someday I will join them. (for the games and frivolity but not the head shaving). They are a classy crew whom I admire greatly. They have all done a fine job of raising their children and grandchildren and building ties. It shows in the way they come together so frequently with multi generations from multi families. NCAA Basketball Scores 2010 March Madness bracket updates for ‎ –

March~ Spring Break around the US. Parties, travel, resting, recharging, serving, Sun. This year we are taking more of a ‘spontaneous’ road trip than before. Being the planner organizer I am I like to have some kind of plan. I feel better knowing where we will lay our head. Well, this year it may just be in the car, stopping when we are darn good and ready. Sand Angels. Yep, wild and crazy, that’s us.

March~full of birthdays for friends and family. When I was younger we had a March birthday group; four of us gals with consecutive birthdays. We would meet for lunch during the week and celebrate and reminisce as if we were all old friends, about the good ole days. Then came the kids, hopes and fears, separations, divorce, cancer,  Tweener League, confused children, PTA, life changes, career moves . Did I mention we have been friends since 5th grade? There are only three of us left and we meet only occasionally now,  but share fond memories…and FaceBook.

Cake Image

March~Cakes, dinners, gifts and hugs for the two young men I call sons. Born 364 days apart. What great guys. They are, humble and compassionate and observant. Good Friends. Good sports too, when their mom and girlfriend take them to Red Robin and have the staff sing Happy Birthday and bring (pink) balloons. No matter what they receive they are always gracious and thankful. If they are occasionally ‘forgotten’ by someone important they are forgiving and gracious. And they always remember their momma’s birthday, also in March. This year elegant silver earrings and bracelets from Silverado and a dozen roses of the most gorgeous colors you have ever seen. It is not the gifts. I would still be happy with a hand-made hand print. It IS the thoughtfulness, the attention to and remembering what their mother has expressed delight in over the years.

(Lina Bicolor) Yellow & Orange Roses Down Under – 2005-2006 GALLERY Photo Gallery  Rose Color Meanings | Valentine Roses | Meaning of Rose Colors

My friends say they will make great husbands some day. That they will be quite the catches. That their wives will be very lucky to have such gentle, thoughtful, yet strong spirits in their men. Wow. I guess this is it. This is why we do what we do. Raising the next Generation..Well. To launch them out. Wow. What a compliment. What a trip. What a wonderful journey. What a testimony to the Power of His Grace and Faithfulness. March Happens, Life Rolls On. It is indeed a wonderful life. Living it with my heart wide open. Full of hope and expectation for the future~How about you?

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