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I saw my gal Pj yesterday. Her mom was there. Her brother and his girlfriend were there. As were her Youth Pastors and one of their sons.  No big deal. Regular day of visiting, chatting, prayer. She is loved and adored. And have you heard the girl sing?!

The elevator opened on the fifth floor. Down the hall to the left she directed. Lift the phone receiver when you get to the double doors. The Pediatric Nurse will let you in.

A beautiful room. A fifth floor view of the mountains. A corner room quite spacious with a big bed, a TV, private bath. We talked about this and that. I reminisced about how we had met 2 years ago when this awesome family had moved from the valley to Central Oregon. I met 3 sisters at an activity to raise money for a young missionary called to Botswana to teach Purity and Abstinence. We met over the chocolate fountain. Yep. Pj and I shared a fascination of something so glorious as a FOUNTAIN for CHOCOLATE where we could engage our love of the dark stuff. She was memorable because of her innocence and spirit~~and her beauty.      


On the fifth floor…next door a baby wailed in sorrow? or in pain? in fear? In this lovely, sterile spacious room the sound of the oxygen pulsed. The leg cuffs pressed…to keep her circulation consistent as she rests. Her mother is resilient as  mothers are. Her mother is hopeful. Her mother waits patiently for the doctors, the nurses, the next visitor, the next wave of nausea, the next pain med.

We saw each other occasionally at church mostly in the coffee room where we bumped into each other perusing the cookies for ones of the chocolate persuasion. We chatted about this and that. Pj was always full of spirit and The Spirit. The youngest of 8 she can hold her own while being compassionate and caring. I have been blessed enough to be her Small Group leader this year. We have learned much about each other and the other gals in our group. We have shared tears, stories, Winter Camp, laughter, 180 Christmas Party, volunteering and a deep love of our God. She is one of the ‘core’…a strong emerging leader…did I mention she and her sister began a Bible Study during lunch at their middle school?

On the  fifth floor folks talk and laugh and cry quietly.  St Charles Medical Center Fifth Floor is oncology. PJ has had 2 surgeries in 2 weeks. Her thyroid and lymph nodes have been removed. She has a small scar across her neck.

On her FB page she announced she would miss school for a week cause she just found out she had cancer. That’s our PJ. Matter of fact. Straight up. Tell it like it is. Innocent. Transparent. Did I mention she likes chocolate? Did I mention I like PJ?


Several months ago we  had an exchange with the youth group in Botswana of same young missionary. Each group leader was to pick one from our group to exchange photos and information and the youth over there would pray for that designee. The Lord said “PJ”. It didn’t really hit me until yesterday during our chatting about this and that. The Lord knew. He knew His spunky blonde beauty would be under fire and would need ALL THE PRAYER from ALL AROUND THE WORLD. The cause that brought us together (NO not chocolate) is now part of the cause that will keep her and her family  covered in prayer. 

On the Fifth Floor, PJ and her patient, Faithfilled  mother were asked to stay one more night at St Charles. Her calcium count was below normal. Perhaps I should not have waited until I got to the elevator to cry. First the tears of sadness, That this is so not fair. Keep walking just make it out the building, tears. (like people in hospitals don’t cry?) Then in the parking lot, lots of tears. Driving home, tears of dawning.  Perhaps I should have  gone back and shared with them what HE had begun to reveal.

I do not understand, NEVER have, why bad things happen to good people. I do hear the recovery rate for this type of cancer is very, very good. I hear the scar almost disappears. I hear that this gal PJ is loved and adored by many people and One Great Big Mighty God. THe One Who HAs A Plan for WOrking TOgether for Good for Those Who Love Him. I KNOW PJ loves Him. Her momma and daddy done good that way.  I hear there are some ROLOS and one giant sleep over waiting for one of my gals. Sing on PJ!♥♥♥See ya real soon ♥♥♥WINKWINK♥♥♥



MAY 7, 2010 PJ UPDATE~

PJ had Radioactive Iodine treatment as the next treatment to target any pesky clingy cancer cells,  which I am disappointed to report  did not make her glow in the dark (we were so looking forward to that for our sleep over) but VERY happy to saya DID make her completely cancer free. 

♥Go Girl, GO God!♥

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