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Can I get a Witness?

I witnessed something today. Remarkable. I witnessed something I would probably never have noticed if it weren’t the kind of thing that I ..well..notice. Something so simple as eyes averted. So simple and subtle as turning away. So? you may ask, so what? Faithful eyes I might reply.

In our society what is the norm~oh more detail? Sorry. In our society the norm is that humans go for, are enticed by the youngest the prettiest, the next best thing. Hookin up with whoever makes themselves available. (think~Love The One You’re With) The most visual, the most out there. And when performers are on the stage we look…at the high school, at the concert, at the game. It goes against our natural beings to think any other way. And it sends a message…

On the surface it was really not a big deal, everything very proper and modest. Everything very well thought out, orchestrated. Deeper, it struck a chord to be a witness to this scene. Admiration.  Gratitude. For men such as these. It sent a message…

 Have you ever read For Men Only  by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn? I;ve read it several times and highly recommend it (also their For Women Only) .  Today I was reminded of the story in it about an NBA player David Robinson who was an MVP in the mid 90’s. He was interviewed about how he, as a Christian man, husband and father dealt with the constant temptations. He was called St David because of his loyalty and faithfulness to his wife. During breaks he would sit on the sidelines with his head down staring at the floor or read to avoid viewing the  cheerleaders. Women who approached him “to talk” he brusquely brushed off. When he was asked to comment on his “rude” practice he stated “If any woman gets her feelings hurt it will not be my wife.”

Faithful Eyes. Faithful men. Can I get a Witness?

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