Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Another Day, Another Lesson

Three sudden, unexpected deaths in nearly as many weeks. Three people who touched  truly thousands of lives. Three people who may, or may not have met but wove a thread in the stories of those who knew them~many of whom we discovered, know each other sharing the connection and feeling the influence of the common thread woven throughout our lives.



From the One I have learned to ask what is too old?

Pursuing his passions and calling up into the ‘later’ years,

his family finds comfort knowing he lived life

with purpose~and passion.

Gone far too soon.

Titus 2:2

Psalm 71:17-18 



From the Next what is too young?

Early on he determined life would be

a great adventure…one after another.

Creative, experimental and dearly loved.

His family finds comfort in the memories

 of times they spent together.

Gone far too soon.

 1Timothy 4:12

Psalm 127:4




 From Her I learned about the warmth of family.

Caring, sharing, compassionate, giving. She embodied

 selflessness and behind the scenes service. And as one long

time family friend said “she taught me about rewrite.”

Her family and friends together today to celebrate and find

comfort with each other.

Gone far too soon.

Titus 2:3-5

Proverbs 31 



They all had so much left to do it would seem. I don’t understand. I have ranted and raged and reasoned at God. “This is not ok!” What I know that I know is that He is a very big Good God and He can take it. My hurt, anger and confusion does not surprise Him. My feeling of time cut short just when things were going so well for so many does not surprise Him. That’s why He is God and I am well, just me. And honestly, I feel so much better letting him have it. His shoulders are broad, His lap always available. And I..well ..I am not designed to carry such a weight.




The common thread in all these loving, caring, passion filled lives~Jesus. They loved The Christ with all their hearts. Their families know that they know where their beloveds are. Does that lessen the shock? No. Does it lessen the grief? No. Does it give any more clarity? Not for me. Does it give great comfort? Yes.  He is The Great Comforter. A refuge in times of trouble (and of grief).


Oh how these amazing ,well-loved folks touched so many lives and their legacy and influence will continue. That is a lesson that I know that I know.



So many more lessons yet to learn~but they will just have to wait until tomorrow~

Until then~




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