Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.



That was indeed to be the original title of this blog.


Mostly it was the ‘or not’.


Anyone who knows me well knows that usually I am very thoughtful before I speak. Pondering and analyzing the repercussions of sharing -or remaining silent. On the other hand, anyone who knows me well knows that I can also have a tendency to answer a simple question with what feels like miles of preamble and a yard or two of conclusion, finally circling back to the original question with a “yes” or “no” at which point they can finally let out a deep grateful breath . Or was it because when I am trying not to expound by answering in what seems a concise way the listener can feel as if they are again left hanging, waiting (holding their breath) for the little details they seem to require to complete the picture they are trying to capture which caused them to ask for the information in the first place. Breathe!


If you Google WISDOM you get over 19 million options (in less than 17 seconds by the way) Someone suggested a search of The Wisdom of Shandra….let me save you the step…here is some of what I found:


*Are you sure you want to add Shandra to your list of Friends?

*Collected Wisdom on Your First Step out of Prison.


Hmmm. “No, No” friend chuckled “keep scrolling.” And there it was nestled between Women of Wisdom Foundation and Sheila Chandra’s Lonely -You Tube -Heart. A bit too close to Author Gossip (I may have mentioned I have an aversion to whisperers) and a hop and skip from The Wisdom Of Our Mothers.


Just when said not-feeling- so -wise- woman needed a nudge~again,  just when the ‘or not’ was rising up~again, just when I so wish I could have a revision~again. Do you ever feel that way? Or is it just me?




Wisdom….”to shed light, help keep perspective, inspire, energize, or just make one think.”



Simple really. 



Who today will you inspire, energize or offer a new view towards clarity?



This post is about you. The beauty of Your language of wisdom. What you have to offer and share. Which is so,so very much. And for which I am so, so very grateful.


Say to Wisdom ‘You Are My Sister. Call Understanding Your Kinsman…’

Proverbs 7: 4


Until next time~walk with Wisdom and your Heart Wide Open~


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