Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Everything I know

What I have learned about myself as a blogger:


*A tendency toward symmetry, rewrite, revision, redo  reboot, reload, repeat.  Perfectionism~ let it go. Be gone!


*An extreme lack of earlier interest (which equates to knowledge lacking) in techno gadgets and apps. ~ YouTube, Vimeo, embedded vs attachment vs upload vs insert, Twitter, Skype, Hulu? Who knew?!


* Succinct is usually better. However, matters of the Heart are rarely simple in neat, tidy little packages. Life is about the heart, this is about Life. I appreciate that you stop by but ~ Let it go or be gone!


*Obedience is stretching and leads to abundance.


*You really never know that people will actually want to read and care about what is written…or not…until you don’t…or do.


From this Blogger’s Chair~ Shandra


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