Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Early days I began tithing. Uh oh~Lost some of you already. This is not about money people. It is not about giving~ well it is~ but it is about Receiving,

After the other steps of obedience and steps in Faith, it just seemed like the next right thing to do. About 4 years ago +/- my Pastor made a challenge based on the biblical principle  of tithing (with a money back guarantee mind you) but what spoke to me was “you can never out give God”.

So not only did I continue tithing, my little family of 3 signed the “First Fruits” pledge and began to keep a record of how God would display Himself.  And boy did HE. Has He, in ways we would never have recognized had we not taken the time to record the blessings, some tangible some not so.

The concert where friends just happened to have an extra ticket for Andrew~to see The Moody Blues~in California. The answered prayers of car repairs for Michael AND a job or two at just the right moment with just the right  families. A bed for trade of an unused entertainment center, plumbing repairs by friends and fence/gate repair by the neighbor both of whom would take no fee. The old dangerous deck replaced. The friends who sent us to use their beach condo for a vacation.  All of these wonderfully tangible. What about the others? The ones where this Independent, Pioneer -didn’t- know -I -could/should- ask- Woman is learning to be interdependent, transparent, trusting, receiving.

Learning to Receive is learning to be Transformed. Learning to Receive is like learning to live all over again~Learning to receive is so very Worth It.  Learning to be a an overflowing Vessel. Joy, Peace, Knowledge, Anointing, Gifts, Laughter, Presence, Restoration, Wholeness, Belonging, Balance. Learning to Live with hands and hearts open, because ’tis true~One can never out give God.

Unfurl your fingers. Open your hands. Open your heart. Receive.

Learning to receive with my eyes, ears, heart and hands wide open~Shandra

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