Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

you may have thought of Charles Currault. I loved that show. Or Rick Steves.  Or Mr Wolf?

This is not that. This IS travels with us. Our Grand Road Trip. Our Great Adventure. You know, the one you have before life is about to change forever, again. Building memories. Funny stories. Uncertain moments. Healing. Growing. Looking for The Grand Road Map.

 No road crew ‘cept our Guardian Angels who bless their little selves have their work cut out for them even though I try really, really hard. Andrew says that a minivan just does not fit my personality or driving style. (red sports car here again) Neither does he (nor my family or friends) appreciate that I am an explorer and willing to sleep in the car or venture off the beaten path (with caution of course). Poor guardian angels. Thank you. 

Anyway, back to our story. This is our great adventure. Our life blog gone Travel Digest. And we love it.

Stay tuned~we have Maps 2 Anywhere ( and we are on the road.

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