The Grand Road Trip

 That was the subject in the message line. Simple. Light bulb…illumination.

Small paradigm creating a Major Shift.  Having recently found a bible apparently given to me in 1973 which it seemed had never been opened. ( I was just beginning 7th grade~Jr High a very pivotal time for me and perhaps you~middle school, preteen years, emotions, uncertainty all calling out for guidance)  Having begun reading this same Bible 7 months ago, relishing the  little notes from my Grandmother. Looking up the Scriptures she had chosen and written out for me. For Me.

The Grand Road Trip  had a map. I just didn’t know.

Isn’t that what we are ALL in search of?  How many times daily do we wonder “am I going the right way? should I turn around? how will I know?”

Thank goodness for Google and Mapquest and the icons and virtual scenes that point the way…calling out YOU ARE HERE!  Thank goodness for smart gadgets and WIFI and connectivity. I would, at times, be lost without them.

Thank goodness for those that have gone ahead. That can map the route. That have snapshots. Those who can share their wisdom, knowledge, hurts, joys, triumphs as trailblazers in the hopes that just one might be saved the hurts, sorrows, darkness that taking the wrong road could bring. Or the joys, honor, self-respect, Peace, sanity and Prosperity taking the high road, the right road will bring.

The Grand Road Trip requires a Grand Road Map.    Life.

People who have been there, done that and are willing to share.

The Grand Road Trip requires a Grand Road Map. Truth.   Life. Christ.  Life. The Word. Life. Who Knew?

Someone Knew.

Knowing Now..Sharing Now..Living Now…Shandra



  1. Hey Shandra,

    I came over on the Me, Coffee and Jesus link up today.

    Wow! to find your Bible after all of this time! What a cool thing. What memories it must have brought back~

    And, I am with you – so grateful for those who have walked ahead of us and given us people to follow in this journey!

    I pray that God will bless you today,


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