And so we began….

About 5 years ago my friend Donna mentioned  the road trip she and her son had taken between his junior and senior year of high school. “Cool” I thought and tucked it away. A few years later I found myself at the same crossroads. My soon to be -out -the -door- elder son approaching the summer of his before senior-itis high school year.

He had just gotten a Jeep. He drove. The 3 of us toured the Oregon Coast; the Florence Dunes, ambling up the shoreline to treat ourselves with a stay in The Inn at Otter Crest. Stopping when and where we wished. Fun, food, talking, laughing. Turning east  to Monmouth-Dallas-Independence Oregon; a family wedding. Home. Memories. Family, healing , understanding, acceptance, time together.

This spring I realized  the summer of ‘2010’ my younger would be at the same crossroads…and so would I. Imagine my surprise when he said ‘road trip to Texas please’. So we were off. Planning, daydreaming. What do you wanna do? I dunno- what do you wanna do?  Several chats later his mind  set at ease when he realized I had made this car trip in variations most summers (and sometimes twice a year) about 20 times. (In fact the only place in the lovely US of A I have not been that I would like to, is the NE for the Fall Show and Mt Rushmore.) Granted there is a great difference in being the sight-seeing back- seat driving passenger-child. This time I was the adult.

Arrangements made to care for those aloof and independent cats, the yard and the mail. A trip to Costco, a new phone to replace the hand me down- hand me over phone; this one complete with camera, internet and every app I could never hope to use but have a 17-year-old who can and will. A few God formed blog posts on a “timer” (who knew?!), a stop to Triple A  for the Grand Road Atlas, a HUGE unexpected auto repair bill  and we were ready to roll…

Road Trippin' 2010

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