To Texas? (!)

Goolsby Pats and Mats

Why to Texas you might ask? Right. Why not Disneyland or DC or NYC or Hawaii? Simple really. But not this time 🙂

My people and their people and their people and therefore Andrew’s people, are from the South. Most of those people are still there. East Texas; with a few rebels in West Texas and a handful of renegades in the NW or on the East Coast. 🙂 From Lubbock to Dallas to Tyler to Louisiana to Mississippi to Pensacola and everywhere in between.

My grandmothers are still living, Levell, 94. Lila98. Still own their own homes in the same little towns where my parents grew up .  Where I was born (and my brother a bit farther south in Austin) and Andrew’s grandparents still travel each year. Where my folks still know many folks from when they were growing up, although most of that crowd are long gone. One of the downers of longevity….your friends go on, you stay behind. My grandmothers have outlived all of the designated pallbearers. A fact one doesn’t usually think about.

Well, anyway a few years ago Andrew’s grandfather bought 23 Texan meadow-acres (and a bass pond-well a pond which he then stocked with bass only the neighbors found out and now it’s just a pond with one legendary water snake) of which we have heard stories of said water snake and the hay operation and the beauty of The Meadow-so to the Texas Piney Woods we were bound- to see The Meadow and learn about our people. XoX Texas Map

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