Really going now!

Bright and “early” on July 2 about 10:30 am we headed out. Spirits high, morale high, hopes high. We made it to Boise. Yes, Idaho. By design. I do not like to sit.

What we learned that day and over the next days are:

1. have a plan.

2. be flexible with your plan But Know Where You are Going.

3. have a really great navigator.

Andrew turned out to be the best co-pilot one could ask for. Using the internet/Google maps is wonderful. Couldn’t have made it through or around some of the storms without the National Weather Service site and Him. Having someone with a Road Map looking for the back roads, the short cuts or the long roads is the absolute best. Andrew had not been on this trip in 8 years but here he was a young  man now ,  suggesting we turn here stop here, see this, or skip that.. brilliant.


click here to see 98 more photos over 11 states:

We took the back roads. We saw  and smelled the onion fields, the miners, the wind turbines, the ‘imitation Mt Rushmores. We saw the tallest cross in the world~ok the tallest in Texas. We out ran major storms. (Bless you Mid Westerners.) We were caught in a few too. The EBS was NOT a test. When they say take cover NOW…they speak truth.

We took the Interstates and drove the 80 miles per hour(+/-) (yeehaaaw!) we saw the landscape.          

At every turn we prayed. When we got up. When we went to sleep. When the voices accused “what kind of mother drives INTO ” yet the Voice of PEACE said “Trust me” and on we drove. We missed the flashfloods, then missed the tornado.  We prayed and we trusted. When we stopped one night because of a storm we listened and heard the local news~and prayed for that city and the state. On the way home, it was discovered in Utah one tire was literally coming apart, we prayed. When there were family issues we prayed. And God answered. Every time. THE NAVIGATOR.

I wish I could say that everything was Leave It To Beaver happy and fun. I would love to share that going ‘home’ is easy and joyfilled and sugar and spice. But then we have never been anything like The Cleavers. I can say truthfully that I learned much more about myself, where I came from, how and why I got here and most importantly where I am going. Or perhaps even more importantly where I am not going.  I have peace.

 Grand Canyon

My son learned some of the same. We do not see all the events in the same way. Good! since he is the male, 17 year old son/grandson. I would be worried if he saw them as the female, 51 year old daughter/mother. We learned about Life, Travel, Perseverance, Standing and continuing to Trust in the Only One who Is Trustworthy. The Only One who remains the same.

the tallest cross in Texas

In Him i am strong. In Him i overcome. In Him there is Rest and Peace.

We really went.  11 states, 3,000 +/- miles, 26 days, 1 mom, 1 son and a Great Big God.

And there truly is no place like home.

girl Until next time, Shandra

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  1. Shandra, How wonderful to trust the One and Only One who is trustworthy and faithful! He is able to keep that which we have committed to Him until that day. Praise God! Looking forward to hearing more of where God directed you to and through using this trip as a catalyst. Isn’t God so good?
    Love and blessings,


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