I have a practice, as do some of my friends, which is to read a different version of the Bible each year. It has so opened my understanding to read different translations. It has really stretched me to NOT find the note or reference I had written in the OLD one so now must actually t-h-i-n-k about where it is in the new one and what the meaning and application might be in this season.

It was due to this tradition I discovered this Bible.( I mentioned it in an earlier post The Living Bible Paraphrased).) I came across it this January. Budgeting for a  new Bible just wasn’t to be, but had just witnessed half the pages of my Old Comfy Bible fly down the driveway landing silently in the crisp snow. What to do? Search the shelves of my overstocked and overworked bookcases of course. I saw this as a great opportunity to use an old comfortable Bible without “cheating”. After all~ I had to.

I went straight to the Max Lucado Study Bible I so love. Columns of notes and references. Introductions to each chapter of whom, when and how it was written.  Ahhhh. As heavy as it is, I so love that Bible. Or perhaps the NIV Rainbow Study Bible with maps and references and cross references. Then… I saw the little green one. I have looked at this Bible for years. Five perhaps . It was in a box of stuff my mother wanted to get out of her house and now sat under the lamp on my night stand.

Hmmmm. Well then. I opened it….

The spine cracked~you know ~like one that has never been opened.

All this time.  The Truth. History. Answers. Family Tree. Family Crest.

From where we have come ~to where we are going.

Who knew?

The Road Map at my finger tips.

Aren’t you so thankful for Grandmothers who pray. Who do not give up. Who know the traps and trials the World holds even if they could never , in their wildest dreams, fathom the exact circumstances. Who want the joy and hope they have spread to their family, and from 1500 miles away the do the only thing they can. Send Bibles and pray.

Luckily, it was not too late to tell her how I have enjoyed reading God’s Word from this Bible. To thank them both for praying over the years (never fear! I have thanked them several times before this but REALLY understand after the recent years events) How I have come to understand, just as she prayed. Road Map in hand ~will travel Life’s highways and byways. No detours. No shortcuts. Here’s the Map. The original GPS.



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  1. What a beautiful surprise.

    Also reminds me that sometimes we search far and wide and maybe not aware we’re missing something until we find it. And often, it’s just within our reach.


  2. I’m convinced…there isn’t a better legacy to pass down to our grandchildren than the love of God and His amazing Word! Your post is inspirational!

    Have a wonderful day,


  3. An assignment from Bible School, was to read the Bible through in 9 months. I counted the chapters and decided it was 9 each day to meet this task. What helped me was to play a tape of King James Bible, and read the same chapters with the “Living Bible.” What a blessing that was. Later I had an unsaved young friend who joined with me to sell some products – – and over the weeks and months, decided that he needed a Bible. I presented him with a copy of this green Living Bible. I told him it was written in language easy to understand. Eventually I lost contact with him and his girl friend, but God know how far the Word of God can travel. Thank you for sharing your lovely story with us here at Tell me a story.


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