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My People, 5 Things & A New Family Tree

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Whites, Scarboroughs, Goolsbys, Massengills, Harris. Family Crests. Family Trees.

Have you ever thought about it? One man, One woman marry. Creating a new branch.

More people, more families, more stories, more history.

Wayne and Levon (Goolsby) White 1958

Wayne, Levon, (20 day old) Shandra

Wayne, Levon, Shandra and Wayne Jr.

What we did on our summer vacation~ visit this magnificent country and our people. Learn from where we came. Hear the stories of joy, sadness, trials and triumphs. Visit the cemeteries where they rest, the homesteads where they created Lives. Look through oodles and caboodles of photo albums, visit kith and kin in homes, nursing homes, restaurants and churches. Ask about what ever happened to~ What have you hear about Cousin~ Share some tears, some joys, some journeys and Life with our people and their people.

What have I learned:

1. Life does not wait and there is no do over. This is it.  Create it. Change it. Make it.

~or settle and stay there.

2. People will not  know you  care  unless you show and tell.

3.  Family and relationship is indeed messy.

4. You can never go ‘home’ or go back. But with your eyes, ears and heart wide open you can learn from the past; pick up the keys and unlock the future.

I am choosing to create a new life. Take new risks, make new friends, keep some of the ‘old’ and let you all know I care. Taking with me some of who my people were and leaving lots of the rest.   I am choosing.  In other words…it might get messy living with my heart wide open..but I think I might be ready.

And 5. Never, Ever leave the wet fishing shoes in a hot car for 3 days.

Until next time~Shandra


Wayne Sr, Levon, Wayne Jr, Shandra TheStoryTeller....and a cat. there's a story there!
Wayne Sr, Levon, Wayne Jr, Shandra TheStoryTeller….and a cat. there’s a story there! 1973ish

The Social Scene and now in 2015 often linking here. A new summer full of reunions with new and old faces, adventure and reminiscing, stay tuned!. Shandra

6 Replies to “My People, 5 Things & A New Family Tree”

  1. Number three is often true! Putting imperfect and sometimes messy people in close proximity is bound to come with a few challenges. We need to be slow to anger and quick to forgive.

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