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Alas…The Not So Beauty of this Woman

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Alas, tis true.

The more freed I become the more transparent and Alive, the more areas, it seems,  that arise in need of some polish.


It seemed much easier living contained. Free (read as void) of acknowledging feelings or emotions. In total control.


The not so pretty truth is I have a truly human side. Overcome resentments.  Forgiveness. Wrestled with bitterness. Forgiveness. Underneath the maturity, wisdom, tender spirit and Joy there was….uncertainty…doubt. Of those I have shared.

But what about         …..jealousy.

Dislike! Dislike! Dislike!

Yet there it was….twice. Nay, Three times in as many months.

Dislike! Dislike! Dislike! Not a pretty sight to see it in ones’ self.

God says He is jealous for us (with a righteous jealousy). (2 Cor 11: 2)  If I were really a beautiful spiritual woman, that is what I would mean.


I am speaking of the ugly Green Eyed monster, Envy, that rose up from a place deep within, from a place  I did not know.


Look into my eyes and what do you see? I hope it is Peace. I hope it is Beauty. Joy. Knowledge of Him. Light.


Jealousy likes to hide in the shadows. Envy robs of  happiness, reputation, potential, Promises.

Look into my eyes and what do you see? “The eyes are the windows to the soul”


Too often with  jealousy comes quarreling, division, pettiness. It is a natural emotion, yes, but one of most harmful if left unchecked.

Look into my eyes and what do you see? I pray it will be The True Beauty of This Woman, beginning.


Look into my green eyes and what do you see? Beauty~ restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed~

Look into my green eyes and you will see Love, Harmony, Peace, Truth.






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