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Behold, the Beauty of this Woman or Not….Part Deux, Redeux

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I have received many a comment about being so honest in the following post. So many, that I doubted myself for posting it and removed it for a season. {BTW~there is only room for doubt when it is being given to someone as the benefit of}.

Indeed, it felt raw and I felt exposed and vulnerable to be so transparent. And what I have learned is that was the intent.  That was His intent, anyway. With my close confidantes and prayer warriors I have shared many an issue. Yes, tis true~I have i-s-s-u-e-s. A shock, I know.

What I also know is that the more I am led to share in this Journey, My Story, the more it can help others and for sure, the more I am freed. Freedom. Forgiveness. Confidence. Forgiveness. Beauty.

So back to the Beauty, or not so. With all the “successes” I have never been able to “hold onto” seeing   the beauty within. I can see it in you…

All the insecurities and doubts clouded insight. As confidence  grows insecurities and fears fade. Still nothing.

Why Lord?  and then it happened~~~~~ be careful for what you pray.  It could have been anything  for me Father God chose ENVY.  When one is even the slightest bit envious of the neighbor’s  (you fill in the blank) {car}, {hair}, {personality} or Gifts (even if one does not realize it…or ESPECIALLY when one does not realize it) it hinders ones’ own view. Perception is distorted. What I have to offer can never be good enough in comparison.

That is the why….Comparison takes the focus off the Gifts and The Beauty YOU have been given and yes, that I have been given.

Looking around the room today at women I have grown to love and respect and trust over years of reciprocal sharing and carrying….

 He said “See My Beauties. All shapes and sizes, ages and types. Treasures All. Daughters of  The King. I am entranced with each one, not because of anything you could do ~or not do~that is man’s judgement, but because each of you have made ME the first Love of your heart.”


Like! Like! Like!

So how does this fit in you ask? Where are you going with this?  The Creator of the Universe adores each one of us just because. Amazing. He is entranced with your beauty, my beauty, just because. He wants the absolute best for you (and me) just because…He loves us each one. Scars, imperfections, humpbacks, laugh lines, chipmunk cheeks and all. No air brushing required. He sees our heart.

Like! Like! Like!

So if that means revealing  a “hidden” not so pretty side, so be it. (remember? i have i-s-s-u-e-s correction: i have been healed of issues and , just like you, will continue to be healed and made brand new) … Therefore they are not the fruits of free will, but only as far forth as our will is made free by grace... I know He will not leave me nor forsake me there.

AND as my hiney kicking friends say….”not letting anyone else’s issues become mine.”

If He loves me that much, it’s for the best….for MY best and for my beauty. Behold, I can almost see it.

Amazing. and I think I will like it…this new place.

When we meet again~~~~Look into my green eyes and what do you see? You can be certain it will NOT be “Green with Envy”.


 Beauty~ restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed~

Peace, Harmony, Joy.




Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace

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