Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Oh the glory of summer.

Fun, Food, Travel, Fun. Floating the river, music in the park, long walk n talks along the river, iced coffee in hand, bbqs, outdoor concerts, picnics, road trips. Parties. Friends.

Tis the season for reunions,  showers, weddings, babies. Any reason for a gathering. To reminisce about back in the day. For closure. To talk about the promises of the future. To celebrate.

The summer of 2010 will be remembered as the one of reunions. adventure, weddings, showers, stretching, healing, transitions, fun.

Did you know there is a service which will aid in organizing your reunion~


And of course the wedding planners.! Wedding Planning | Wedding Planner


But eventually the weather turns…there is a chill in the morning air. We take a blankie out to the patio or deck to have our morning coffee and devotions. It’s time….Tis the Season…


Ca~ching! $$$$$ back to school.

What ever happened to FREE Appropriate Public Education is my question?! Standing in line behind a mom and her 3 kids last month as the total came to $230 for school supplies….that was the question that came to my mind…FREE APE….FAPE. lined paper, spirals, pencils, calculators, book covers, Kleenex….FAPE.

Those days are long gone folks. Now it’s pay to play. Pay to do just about everything. Remember you are reading the blog of a t-e-a-c-h-e-r, people. I am all about FAPE. But it is not to be.

So…..if you live in one of the few states that is ‘adequately’ funded- REJOICE! and PRAY it continues. If you live in one of the states that has lay offs, pink slips, teachers on the front pages (rightly or wrongly) PRAY and REJOICE that we have schools, reforms, liberals, conservatives, PTSA, standards, outcomes and funding equations….and that they would all be done better together.

If you still have PE, ART, Music or Woodshop Teachers REJOICE. If the regular classroom teacher is trying to do this and teach your child readin’, writing and ‘rithmetic and how to pass the tests, give them a break….and a hug! I will spare you the statistics. Look it up of you dare. Then get out there and help. Volunteer.

And please do NOT start with me about summers ‘off’, spare me…or prepare yourself to be enlightened. We do not get paid for…well another, time another conversation.

Back to school…hug the Crossing Guard. Praise the Lunch Lady. Send an encouraging  note to your child’s Teacher. Say a smile to the office Secretary, the Custodian, the Bus Driver. Thank the Principal, the Dean, the School Counselor. There is no other profession on earth that takes such hits but keeps on giving as those in the field of public education. We love your kids. We love their future. 

Tis the Season.

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