Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Oh My Gracious! I have loved this movie and happily ever after-against all odds family for years. Tonight is was on TV-twice. The first time I had just walked a longish walk with my Pal Ms D and was just dozing for a moment (;0) when the lyrics from  Mother Superior rang out.

No I did not watch it twice…well sorta not.

You know how things suddenly fall into place…again…only better? The story line, the choreography, the score. How many times have I heard it before. Different time, different place, different filter.

*What are we going to do with a problem like …Shandra? On any given day at any given moment you may view me as a problem or an angel, a confident engaged woman or trigger driven child,  a whirling dervish or a quiet gentle spirit. All from your experiences and perspectives and a snapshot of that moment. If you press in you may find the truth about Maria, er, Shandra.

*Listening only to the Head people can stifle and squelch the Heart people. We need both yes but I need more heart thinkers. “I haven’t had so much fun since the day we put glue on Fräulein Josephine’s toothbrush.”

*If you fight life and continue to worry about managing -stuffing the feelings or  the emotions (or pleasing the head thinkers) you might miss out. “Live the Life you were born to Live”. {Listen to the Heart People}

*It is ok to retreat: to think, to process, to Pray. Then you best get back out there and find out. “These walls were not made for hiding from the world”.  There will be no hiding from Life, Laughter,  Love …or Adventure.

*Conflict, internal and external, makes for a great Growth story in real life, too. ( and a wee frog in the pocket never really hurt anyone) “Climb every Mountain”
*Love, Faith, Music, Time, Laughter and shared purpose can transform lives and families.

Yes, Lessons from the Sound of Music or just a few of my new favorite things.

Until next time~Mix It Up~Dance, Sing, Laugh, Love.

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