Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

part 2

 How does one answer that question? The safe way is “Nothing.” Or be bold and daring and respond truthfully…EVERYTHING. “Until you love yourself you can not love another.”

…For God so LOVED the world.

…Because He first Loved me.

If only you knew how much HE loves you. He will never forsake or turn His back.

“If you would just embrace the beauty, warmth, love and sparkle of YOU, you wouldn’t need to question yourself and you would get to enjoy every fantastic day! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you ~ never has been, never will be ~ do not let other people’s issues become your issues.
“I would hate for my beautiful friend to wake up a very sad old woman, only to realize too late that she was wonderful all along.  You know, God doesn’t make junk!! So, hold your head high, smile that great smile and go enjoy life without worrying about making a mistake… might make some great new friends from that mistake…”

Out of the ashes comes beauty, freedom, purpose and strength.

The butterfly begins as a creeping little earth-bound creature. Cute but nondescript; seemingly clumsy but truly purposeful. Transformation. It is what it is. It is God’s design. The cocoon from which the tiny soft Glorious Creature emerges…

“The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph.”

Remember the acquaintances who have asked me if I am “looking”? Let’s be honest here, we all know what they mean. And the wondering rightly comes because He is recreating me, teaching me to love myself, to care for myself and yes even to embrace that who is me.

…Because I love myself I can show you how to love others….and yourself

…Because I love myself I can extend love and grace to you.

I pray for Godly counsel and advise, for healthy friends and people of integrity whom I trust will tell me the truth and to whom I will listen. The Heart People, in my Friendship Bouquet, who throw away the rules and laws and say come out of the ashes. That is for what we seek. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. We do not look except for His Will.  We PRAY. We seek His Will. And we Obey. I pray the same abundance for YOU. God does NOT make junk nor does He waste one moment. He works all things together for good for those that LOVE Him and are called to His purpose.


Healing takes time. Growth and wholeness take time. The butterfly has a great advantage: instinct. It has been programmed and somehow knows what to do. We,  earth bound humans, muddle through the darkness toward the light. Out of the shells and cocoons that ‘protected’ us hoping someone will notice. He more than just glances your way, or tolerates you, He adores you and offers you Hope.

Out of the Ashes….{the pessimist, the cynic ,the wounded, the  hardened, the conceited, the arrogant, the insecure, come out and be…} no more. Come out of the ashes. Triumphant. Show your glorious color, find your purpose. Offer another Hope. Inspire.
The Showmaster awaits.
Top Hat Adult

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