Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Dating myself here, but this was a great song back in the day. A group of us went to see Ms Tina at the Portland Coliseum, in concert. Live. In those heels~and hair: her not us.

TinaTurner simply the BestIf  you listen to the lyrics it pretty well sums up the life view of the cynic, the pessimist, the hardened, wounded heart. “What’s Love but a second-hand emotion.” if you know anything about the Amazing Ms T you know she had less than stellar relationship “luck” and she had every right to feel just that…but those were just words. She had been transformed to a new creation.

This weekend someone said “Until you love yourself you can not love another.” Words not spoken directly to me, but it struck just the same. {God is good that way.}

Flashback to last month and an out of the blue question from an out of the blue acquaintance. I don’t really need to set the stage but will anyway: the season had been one of stepping forward, showing up and being available….again. (Funny how so many forget so quickly) There are ALWAYS those folks who assume an ulterior motive….{the pessimist, the cynic ,the wounded, the  hardened, the conceited, the arrogant, the insecure…}

Anyway, after leaving an event where the conversations of the women had been fun and revealing she said with the now familiar voice of the incredulous “You really aren’t looking are you?”

Stop right here. What are the choices this time? I chose amusement, patient response and truth….again. I don’t need to look or try. I don’t ‘need’ or desire to seek position, leading roles or attention. Opportunity always seeks me.

Fast forward to the weekend once more.  Butterfly Circus. Moving movie…especially to a weeper. Two viewings in quick succession. The first sent me to the car to find the tissues and repair the mascara. The second showing I was prepared but still couldn’t stop the overflow from escaping the outer banks….rebels.

Butterflies are what they are. The process is what it is. No one questions a butterfly in the natural. Everyone questions the butterfly in human form. I have learned~no~the heartfelt responses you share about the sharing of  my heart tell me we have ALL felt this. We are on similar paths to follow our hearts, to follow our God, to transform and there are those that want to keep us in our place, who prefer it if we stay on the sidelines (or in the sideshow?),  who if we allow it, will squash our hope.

The Greater the Struggle the …well, just watch and agree.

What’s Love Got To Do with it?

part 1.

to be continued.

2 Replies to “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

  1. It is a shame about cynics or pessimists. I am much happier feeling blessed with what I have been given, try to give away more than I take and pass on cheerfully anything I can. We seem to be given the labels more, being vulnerable. I am hurt sometimes by these people but mainly I feel sorry for them! Hugs, Robin


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