Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

What if We Loved Like Our Dogs?

Young pups spill into a room all waggy in eager anticipation of who and what  might be found. It never occurs to them that they will not be well received. It never occurs to these young whipper snappers that someone will be less than thrilled to have their presence.

Last  summer I was watching the Best of Show in the American Kennel Club. The adjectives the announcer used to describe these four- legged  were quite impressive.

Somewhere along the way with training, “refinement” and lots of life lesson correction they  learn to be the -head up -shoulders back, ok, tail in the air, Best in Show.

But when the lead is off and the world is not judging …they wag. They play, they run, they eagerly greet passersby, eager to make new friends , to meet n greet. They are exuberant, energetic, loyal and loving.

What is it that attracts us to the love of our four-legged friends?  What is it that draws us? L-o-v-e. Unconditional, no matter what -love (and acceptance).  What if we all showed up at work or  school or church or the soccer field tomorrow wagging our tails. Seriously. Well, figuratively.  Can you imagine the change in your circle? In the World? If we all smiled a little more, if we were all a little more playful? If we all were just a little less ‘Best In Show’ and a LOT more Heinz 57?

So I’m gonna continue to enter spaces with my head up, tail wagging and just assume you are as thrilled to meet me as I ,you. Let’s start a revolution. Are you with me?

Try it~~~just don’t lick anyone!

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