You’ve Got Mail.


I absolutely ♥,♥,♥ that movie. Of course to this romantic, it’s the romance  and to this word smith, it’s the forming of just the right words. The anticipation of the message, shared information in written form. You know exactly what I mean. Even you get a little feeling deep inside when you see “messages” and that feeling is dependent on the sender and the setting. Sorry, but messages at work about stats collection or the latest mileage chart or clean out the staff fridge! simply do not have quite the same effect and therefore,  do not count.

In my culture we share reams of information and to get it to the greatest number of people across the region or state we ‘reply all’. Several of the groups I partner with utilize the same system. We send Praise reports, prayer requests, updates, advice and sometimes just “I love and am thinking of you”. So, when I received an email from a mighty Warrior Woman Re: Prayers Please I assumed it was in response to one of the many that had been sent out the previous day.

On Saturday October 23 I opened It….Dear Shandra, I thank you so very much for updating me on your family’s situation and letting me know how I can pray. We have such a Faithful and Incredible God who answers prayers…Who works all things together  for good for those who love Him….

Attached was the prayer request~wait~attached was the outpouring of my heart. On Saturday October 23, 2010 I opened (again) my friend’s reply message which was dated August 14, 2006.

After rereading it several times and letting it fully sink in, I thought ,Wow. You’ve come a long way baby!

 An amazing history. Trust. Triumph.

 His faithfulness and  Light becomes our testimony. Letting Him Lavish Love on me. Learning to Love and to be in Love…with Him.

Has He been Faithful and Incredible? Yep, at every step of the way. Was the battle just beginning~~oh yeah. So glad I had no clue~ and still don’t.  Do I know that I know that I know He has good plans for me? Plans to prosper and NOT to harm me? Absolutely.

Has every prayer and more been answered? YES! YES! YES! Psalm 99 :6…”they prayed to God and He answered them.”… “Simple ” but not. The faithfulness of Christ. Simple.

So thankful for friends who remember history, to help the present  focus Light  to the future. For friends who at just the right moment remind us what has been overcome. For an Inheritance. For a Hope and a Future.

 I have such a heart swell of Hope, Dreams, Desires. New fresh feelings towards MY future. If these  new tingles of hopes, dreams and desires do not come to pass …it will still be ok. I have complete confidence in what it will not be and call forth what it is. uncertainty replaced by Confidence. poverty replaced by Abundance. fear and doubt replaced by Faith and Adventure.

His timing is Perfect. His plans are True and are always better than mine. I am willing to be willing to take in His vision for this new Life and make it mine own.

And He playfully says :You’ve come a long way baby Oh!  and  you’ve got mail .:

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