He said No

When this was first posted it was my biggest ‘hit’ post in the history. Great title don’t you think? Worth a revisit, me thinks. There are many subsequent things He’s said no to, since. Comments are open this time around…feel free. slwh


For almost 2 months I was away from writing.  Didn’t notice did you?

I did. In the beginning. In early September numerous variables came together for just the right set of new lessons and just the right set of new ‘aha moments’ which turned out some prolific posts. (not great, just numerous). Then nothing. It was as if the dam had broken and there was nothing left. Nothing. Nothing to write about  but plenty to share and watch and see and hear…and enter into. Waiting.

On October 1, I sat down to write.

He said “No”.

There was still more to learn, focus and pray.  Waiting. Two months of pressing in. Listening. Praying. Reading. Calling. Chatting face to face . Spending t-i-m-e with p-e-o-p-l-e-. Attending events where I had been invited but on several occasions was curiously, not warmly welcomed. In the midst of those events where I felt out of place  and often knew not a soul, I whispered ” May I leave now?! ”

He said “No.”

In the midst of one such moment, I whispered,

“Why do you keep doing this to me!?”                     {yes, i did actually ask that of The Great I AM}

He said “Know.”

There was still more to learn , focus and pray. Waiting. Know their reaction to you  often has nothing to do with you. Deep wounds of something or someone I somehow represent or that it really has nothing to do with me and they had not slept well or their child had just been diagnosed or they had lost their job, their home…and the “waggy tail, no pressure, no offense taken , pleased to meet you, would you like to talk”  approach might be just the Rx for that wound to begin to heal or that wall to begin to come down; there’s and mine.

There was still more to learn, focus and pray.  Waiting. At other times  being warmly received. Accepting that at these moments it really has  everything to do with me. Another story, another time.

Waiting. There is still more to learn, focus and pray about without ceasing . It is a journey I choose willingly, which has always been about the Relationship.  I am willing to be willing…to represent Christ’s Love…Wherever and to Whomever I am called.

I will continue to go where You go , Stay where You stay, Serve how You serve. The Greatest Promises and Divine Secrets are yet to be revealed.

“Now?!” I asked.

 “Now.”, He smiled.

Now in 2015 often saying yes over here:

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