Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.


Over the past year this concept has arisen a lot.. You’d think one would know by now that when a theme arises over and over again there will be test.


Probably the most common notion of inheritance is a positive impact and usually a financial windfall, but of course there are so many other implications.

Birthright. Heritage, Legacy.

It could be a famous (or infamous) name. Riches, treasures of the earth OR a rich legacy of spiritual values. True Treasure.

Iniquity. Darkness. Sadness. Fear.  Upon the children and their children. It could be a cycle of bad choices: poor life strategies handed down generation after generation.

Searching  pages and pages on Inheritance. Journaling hours and hours in my earthly, human attempt to grasp the heavenly concept.

It could be. By one ‘simple’ choice the future is changed for better or worse.

Sometimes to gain the true inheritance ~Truth~ one must release an imagined one. Sometimes to gain the Greater Inheritance ~Life and Light~one must release the lesser one.

 “Joint heirs with Christ.”—Romans 8:17.

joint heirship~Divine Portion~treasure in heaven.

“Heirs according to The Promise”.-Galatians 3:29.

No hoops, no strings, no fears,  no worries.

Who knew?

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