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The favorite daughter of three children Hatsheput outlived two brothers,  a husband and consort which placed her in the unique position to gain the throne upon the death of her father. To have a female pharaoh was unprecedented.

As a charismatic, beautiful woman, she was able to command enough of a following to actually take control as pharaoh. She ruled for about 22 years, until her death in 1458 BC, and left behind more monuments and works of art than any Egyptian queen to come.

 Truly she was the Queen of everything. Egypt was the world power and to rule Egypt was well…to rule the world. To be Queen of Everything.

My friends joke about being The Queen , The Queen Of Everything. When I thought more about it and googled this phrase lots of stuff came up. I was looking for some witty, profound quotes or photos. Among other items I found an X rated songwriter (I’m still not sure if this is a man or a woman). Nope. I found some music by “Queen” 🙂 . And then Hatsheput. Intriguing.

As enjoyable as it sounds to be treated like a Queen, it comes with a cost. Queen of Everything. For the first female Pharoah of Egypt it meant outliving all her direct male relatives and outsmarting a few jealous, bitter male heirs. It also meant to make it so far she had some faithful friends.

It meant protocol. It meant compromising her femininity to quell her people’s unease. She began to dress more and more as a male. Many of the remaining images of her are in the traditional Pharoah garb of the males, complete with beard. Wonder what her children thought of that?

Her strategy seemed to work though: the priests and people supported her reign as pharaoh.

So many thoughts and storylines on this~~Once upon a time there was a land where men controlled. Nope. The Queen and I. Don’t think so. The cost of compromise. Hmmm.Nah.


The morning I awoke with sunlight streaming on my pillow, a sleepy smile still on my lips, at peace and it was finished. This post and my understanding.


To be a Queen one must first be the Daughter of a King.

I like the sound of that.

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