Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Queen of Everything I survey. So here I am sipping warm milk, at the keyboard, once again sharing a glimpse in to my heart as a woman, mom, servant, worker bee, homeowner, confidante and friend.

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On those rare occasions when being Queen of It All is just all too much and sleep eludes what to do?

Count The Crowns:

 See full size image1. My sons and I blessed with good relationships, good health and lots of love.  I am overflowing with hope for the future, for grandchildren to come and the Legacy this family is creating.

See full size image2. In my life I have an amazing group of teenage girls whose time is at a premium. that they want to spend time with me is humbling. They have taught me to Giggle again, to tell it like it is, to let it go and get on with it. They love Jesus, they love serving and I LOVE THEM.

See full size image  3. My friends are plentiful and amazing. So appreciative.

See full size image4. Work. I have it, I ‘m paid to do it and I love seeing the progress in families, children and teams.

See full size image5. Jesus. He is in the position not as an after thought but because he is my very foundation.

There you have the 3:00 am writings of this momentarily clear mind.

Until next time~

Serve with the Heart of a Queen, Rule with the Heart of a Servant.

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