Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

A friend & professional colleague, Susan & I were talking about the holidays & how different for both of us they are this year. Full of transitions, new Promises, Excitement,

And Tree In a Box.

(Handsome Guy not included) Alas, handsome guy not included!

Hey, life changes & the wise, resourceful woman changes with it. We both laughed when we made our confession. We have both had the joy of Tree in a Box for the past 3 years. We laughed harder still when one of us blurted out “Why did we not do this Y E A R S ago?!”

Now, if I could just get the darn thing B A C K in the box.


Until Next time, Ho ho ho!




 Banner by Karren Haller
Banner by Karren Haller



 Many changes since this first posted. Now days I leave the tree trimming & cooking to the youngers in the family unit & there happens to be a very handsome guy. Much more has remained consistent. In 2015, still laughing with Susan & often laughing with these fine folks, as well:  The Social Scene.

To answer your unspoken questions? No. That darn tree, long gone now, never did return to the box. 🙂


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