Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Love how Holly n Steve share their story of sitting in their lovely Central Oregon ‘retirement’ home and realizing their passion was a little further south. Within just a few short  years their story and Legacy had been rewritten from retirement to missions:  Kathy and John are headed to Kona with  YWAM Kona, UofN , John and Sonja travel the world training trainers as founders of CAI, Jim and Jean Stephens  There are many, many more {of every age and stage}  but  you get the idea.

After reading  Donald Miller’s book  (A Million Miles In a Thousand Years) Jacque’s  thoughts on his own life were sparked and he shared his ideas on Legacy.  With grandchild number 8 on the way he and his wife think about the Legacy they will leave their children and grandchildren….and great grandchildren.

Big picture thinkers.

These folks are writing their story right off the page.

I like the sound of that.

At the age of 51 (1/2) in many ways this life of mine is just beginning. Often it feels as if I am just now coming into my own. Hitting stride. Learning who I was designed to be. This season of life is so freeing in so many ways:

-Confidence , maturity and wisdom growing .-Almost an empty nester(+/-).-Sorta don’t care so much about the wrinkles, laugh lines. -Relationships built on mutual  trust and respect.

Life is about to slow down. Time to pull up the rocking chair. Right? Wrong!

Women in my family enjoy a  v-e-r-y- long life. 51 is only the half way mark….we’re just getting started. 

So during 2010 I have really been considering how will my time on this planet be remembered, what Legacy shall I leave. But more importantly what is truly worth passing on? Simple. A lifestyle.

 Love. Faith. Love. Adventure. Love. Integrity. Love. Loyalty. Love. Committment. Love. Honor. Love. Respect. Love. Responsibility for one’s actions. Love. Forgiveness. Love. Peace. Love. Joy. Service. Love.. Relationship. Love.

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In changing the present, the future story has already begun to rewrite itself.  Allowing a Loving God the Father to overlay His DNA on mine,  life has never been the same. And is only just beginning. Taking God sized risks for God’s Vision. Stepping out…Again. Further.

See full size imageThe next chapters have no clear titles, but they will include breathing in the best-exhaling the lesser,  living  life, feeling the story write us right off the page.


I like the sound of that.

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