Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.


The other night I listened as a guest speaker… no that’s not right .

Once upon an evening, I sat entranced, encouraged, motivated as a Master Storyteller wove a tale  of travel, romance, God, sheep and….


Who knew that an internationally known writer and speaker shared a common thread with lil ole me. We  both, apparently, just go about life, living it, enjoying it… clueless. Well, ok I AM clueless in mostly embarrassing ways, she is not. Hers has had a happy middle and so has mine… just in very different aspects.

Over that weekend she spoke about many, many things that touched my very soul as a little girl in a grown woman’s life, and as a Daughter Of The King.  She spoke of  the The Sacred Echo when He is trying to get through. That happened this weekend, over and over again.

 I’m listening.

Another touchstone was the way we draw lines with God. Saying this close but no closer. Why? Because our ideas are easier? Familiar? Fear. Mistrust. I recently said that to The Great I AM. Reminding Him of our ‘deal’  and a time line that was drawing to a half way mark. Thinking I would contain myself on the sidelines for just this much longer then I’d be ‘safe’.  Then back to the comfort of the known and familiar.

What has been discovered in the amazing journey of 10 years is that , as Max Lucado  says, “when safety becomes our god we worship the safe life and fear makes us an empty barn”. (Ok a barn does not fit with the Seascape theme but go with it) I choose to be an overflowing ‘storehouse’ pouring out the goodness and joy and gifts He gives. Rediscovering  that the only way to know who I am is to know who HE says I am. When I am with Him, by His side, in His Will, I have found home. Only there will i be  discovered.

The timing of this weekends speaker/theme for me and probably for you, was perfectly orchestrated and sacred. The tipping point off the safe (but boring and honestly not so happy) dragging -thy- feet -side and back onto the road to Obedience and joy and adventure. Just Keep Swimming!

Funny thing, when I shared with some folks one of what I have been called and eventually now asked, to do they didn’t find it funny at all. They didn’t laugh. They didn’t even say “YOU!?” Funny. They actually said “yep. you’ll do fine.” Just Keep Swimming!

And so funny, the only shoes I have to fill are Dory’s. Wonder if she has any Red heels?

But that’s another story. If I can just remember it. 🙂 Your former (class) clown fish~

Till next time~Just keep Swimming Friends!


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