Flourish~ Promise for the Day

This has definitely been a year of growth,  stretching, fresh Promises, broken dreams, disappointments,  New Hopes and Avalanching. I’ll tell you about that someday.

Today I awoke in the usual state of total peace. Not my peace, but His. You see, this mommy heart was ready to crawl back under the covers. Monday. There was a another doctors appt. today. Friday, there had been a medical emergency and today was the ‘final’ round of testing to decide what was what… Until the follow up testing.

Somedays, at least recently it’s harder for this little girl~woman to want to keep getting up. This life is not what I had envisioned. Remember please, I LOVE my Life (and I will live Happily Ever After  ) but some days I wonder if Someday will never come.

Pulling the covers up, smacking down  the snooze , reaching for the tissues. Brushing the magazine . No, the tissues. “The magazine Shandra.”  Oh, ok. Itty Bitty Book Lite …on. Nothing. Smartphone light… on. Illuminating the title~ “FLOURISH”.

Smart phone Bings…Flourish:

To grow well or luxuriantly; To thrive.


Flourish.   That is what this Life is about. Right where we are, no matter what. FLOURISH. Compassion. Character. Capacity. Chemistry.  How are we doing?

How are you doing?

Luxuriant Living.  Growing Well. Kinda like love the sound of that.

Choosing not only to be on my knees and to stand on the Promises, but to Thrive right where we are…defenses down…no matter what.

btw~the Blood, CT, EEG testing all came back clean. no major medical issues determined. {3+ years ago the mother had an episode of the same due to unrelenting Life pressure turned to dire stress…Capacity could be in the gene pool, eh?} Thanks for asking and for  praying.

Love, acceptance and support helps this little family Flourish.

I dearly love the sound of that.