It’s All In Your Perspective- Indeed!

Oh My Dears, I am fond of each one of you friends, casual acquaintances, encouragers, stumble-uponers, fellow bloggers. Your support is so appreciated and a welcome virtual hug, telling me that I am not alone in inexperience , connecting dots, or shadow boxing,  but must tell   The Rest Of The Story.    Or at least part of it.

In October I was awakened very gently to a realization of  going where I was not wanted. What I should tell you is what awakened me was the invitations that had been coming in for months for coffee, for movies, chatting, being sought out. Recording a community service radio interview, more invitations for ministry opportunities, to join clubs and organizations, promotions.

Who am I? What do I want to be? Who do I want to be?  Crying out to friends, and God, that I could not be myself because I did not know who that was. False.

In the blink of an eye life changed again…the focus returned to what I have…and began over flowing again, as it should be. As it always has been. Actually Life did not change~~~my perspective did.  To the only signpost that matters: God is on the job. In the blink of an eye with the post of  her blog today solidified what He has purposefully  been loving me into for 2+ months.

What was lost has been found.

The lessons in this season are many. Somehow through all the trials of this long life My Savior has empowered me to retain (or regain) an innocence, naivety, a childlike quality, along with a great capacity to Forgive and to Thrive. A tail waggin’ puppy- happy to meet you quality. A living in the moment of wonder Being.

That is who I am. This is who I want and was created to be. Encourager. Heart and Head. But the greatest lesson is what I have learned about all of you.  … Naughty or Nice.

In this Season of Gifts remember to Love yourself  and please be kind to others. Just like you, we too have struggles. From this seat you will be receiving the gift of Forgiveness and Great Kindness.

Remembering that In the Present, Lies the Future. And THAT Beloveds, IS The Rest of The Story!


BITTER BITTER Bitter UPDATE 8/20/2014 on our Heroine. I recently checked back in with our Gal interviewed above. Can I just say she is aglow? Again. Only so, so much better.

She has moved on, moved up & moved away. She’s healthy, happy, wealthy and Wise….& confident in what she does not want and won’t settle for.  She’s Living Life in abundance….and interested in someone…else.

“And even if this remains just a friendship I will NEVER again break my own personal rules of 5 years either way and publicly put up or shut up” NEVER. He’s out. There will NEVER be the time of day given ever again by me,

IN her words she waited, watched, submitted, waited some more. Watched. Shriveling up.


Amen, Sister.