Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Reading along. Actually, trying to find just the right page. Actually, you know how sometimes before you understood, you might flip the Bible open and hope it landed on just the right place and that just may-be God might answer you?

Well that was actually what I was doing. Yep, still do that sometimes.  Only different now. Now He tells me where. I obey. I still do not remember the addresses or verses some of the time (not proud of it-just saying) so He graciously guides me to what I need.  At this writing I had awakened to the peaceful sounds of low voices. hmm? my still half asleep brain was trying to understand why there were voices coming from the living room. oh right. another laughter filled teen night. son”s friends.  sleep over. better get up and feed them 🙂

Thoughts of how life has changed. Life is Good. No, Wonderful. Full. Overflowing storehouses of Friends, Blessings,  Faith and Truth.

By the time I re-awoke they had all gone about their Sunday.  Quiet. Coffee. Devotions. Let’s see, where IS that daily reading guide ,this time?

“You won’t need that this morning Shandra.” hmm? Ok. S-l-o-w-l-y turning pages. Sensing that I am a-l-m-o-s-t…there. Hmm. Highlighted, Circled, Underlined. Read it before but never quite like this. Never in this Season…..Do you see what I see?

As the darkness gave way…


Acts 27: 33- Paul and his group were coming out of a mighty storm . They were not at all where they had expected to be. But Paul had just encouraged them by declaring “Take courage for I BELIEVE GOD”. And now declares boldly “Not a hair on your head will be harmed”. 

The Lord God has done everything He has said He would do for thousands of years. Why would I doubt now?


You are not alone.



When the darkness had lifted….it gave way to the early morning Light.


Do you see what I see?


May The Light guide your way in this Glorious Christmas and Blessed New Year. May this Season be your most prosperous and abundant yet, in relationships, health, beauty, Faith and Truth.

May you be blessed with fresh Eyes to See. With fresh revelation to really Know that You Know. May you, in this Grand New Year and New Season truly BELIEVE GOD and CHRIST HIS SON.

Night Shot Of A Nativity Scene 


Do you see what I see?

Until next time~

Know Beloved, that the darkness IS giving way…




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