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Animated, enthusiastic spirit. Playful.

energetic, aggressive, go-getting, hearty, gutsy, full-blooded, lively, spirited

Don’t so much love the aggressive descriptor and don’t so much agree. But yep, the rest of it~that’s me. Lost sight if it  for just a bit while I was recently engaged in shadow boxing..Then someone pointed out~ shadows are not real. Having dispatched with The Mighty Sword, The generational Jabberwock that created the shadows in the first place. They have no power. As in “Tho I walk through the valley of the SHADOW…shadow….shadow” Click. on goes the Light…out goes the {power of}  shadows. Stop living in the shadow of the shadows. Resisting. Head up. Forward ho!


Yesterday morning Oscar came to visit. I didn’t know he’d arrived until my door  pushed open then something leaped onto the middle of my bed.  To be exact, I knew something was amiss seconds prior when the cats’ eyes grew wide, they hunkered down in the middle of the bed, tails twitching, deep growls..waiting. {how a dog lover ended up with three (count em 3) cats is…another story.}

Into this mix bound Mr O (a toy poodle).  Let the Feisty begin!



Energetic, playful, lively. Laughter, barking, hissing. Fully awake now am I. Wherever he is, wherever he goes he takes energy with him. People are happy to see Mr O, even three set -in -their- ways cats.

Where might  you be in this mix? Bounding in to the middle smiling and believing? Hunkered down and hissing? Somewhere in between.

Oscar has taken time to warm up to our ways. To believe that these humans will not harm him,  will lovingly correct him, while keeping him safe from harm and even protect him from 3 ‘marauding’ cats. The cats have taken time. This day was the first they did not immediately run for cover. They stood their ground..defenses down…and played.

For me and mine we are somewhere in between. Coming out of the shadows. Laying down the Sword. There is no longer any need to stand on the battlefield. That season is almost to a close. But that as you know….is another story.

{Note: Thought to include a link to an article about how to be feisty, but anything written by “Gloomy” is not for me! (or you)}

So Girls! Get out there and get your Feisty on!


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