Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Watch Titanic.

Yep. It’s time. Mostly because of the looks on the faces of those around me when I can’t relate to their story relating to some scene in the movie. Apparently, I am the only person in the developed nations who has never seen it (except for Val). This must change. Nancy, this one’s for you.

Have a great adventure.

Yep. It’s time. I  believe that at least every couple of years one should embark on an adventure. You may recall in 2009 I was on a plane to the jungle before I knew it. This summer of 2010 Andrew n I road tripped 11 states in July. I know not what next will come, but it will be grand and lovely and adventuresome. If it should include warm, sunshiny temps. and the use of my passport, all the better. Dear God, please recall that I did trade in my snow pants.

Celebrate the Grads of 2011

Yep. Indeed I am thrilled to be the proud mama of another high school grad this June and friends with many more.We shall  join with thousands of other proud parents and students to celebrate this grand tradition.

Say Yes

Remembering the privilege of being chosen. To live Life as a sweet fragranced Offering.Yes. As Mary did. Without weighing fear or debilitating over thinking.  Your Will, oh Lord. Which includes One Writers Workshop in February, one Speakers conference shortly after. Please let me see each Open Door, and respond YES! Your servant awaits.

 Love the Ones I Love

Yep. I wish to hold, to laugh and to be with the people who make me laugh and make me smile. The ones who inspire me. To remind them of the impact they have, to remind them Life is short ,  to remind them to Live in the Wonder of the Moment. That is likely you.


Do The Race


Happy Girls Half Marathon and 5K Run


Yep. Enough talk. One 5k in March and May in Bend (Yikes) and one 10k this 2011 year.(YIKES!!!) Marika, Tracy(s), Kristy,  Bre this ones for you….and me. Happy Girls! (and Sandy! how could I forget Sandy my original encourager? 🙂 )


There you have it. In writing. That’s all  for now. Mostly because unlike Edward (Jack Nicholson) , money IS an obstacle. Updating and checking off shall be posted while living this happily ever after, once upon a time, good life. Check back at the end of May. Or don’t, ,just please keep swimming, dreaming and loving each moment!

Ok ,just one more~ In 2011 permission granted To Shine Just As I Am….for an Audience Of One.


What are your dreams for this glorious new season?


Love to hear them! 


7 Replies to “The 2011 (Short) Bucket List”

  1. Shandra, I love your list! I have seen Titantic, but my family is after me to watch Lord of the Rings and/or Star Wars. I don’t want to put them on my list, so I’m not. Because it’s mine. 🙂 On my list is: write more, pray more, have fun more and trust God more. Seems like a good start! Oh also – get in shape, for goodness’ sake!

    Much love to you!


    1. Dear Bo,
      How ya doing on those movies? I truly do hope you will watch one or more snuggled up with your family, popcorn and maybe some deep fried Twinkies 🙂 Sounds like it would fit under the ‘fun’ category to me.

      I also truly hope to hear more writing. (hear more?) Love your Speakopolis blog.

      Ok, so going to get in shape for goodness sake…after all it is a glorious balmy 44 degrees today. Off the computer and out the door.

      Love to you too.


  2. Oh Shandra, I love your list! I haven’t given a lot of thought to a list, but in journaling I’ve been talking to God about getting to know Him more, get into deeper relationship with Him, not just busy with the doing good things part, but falling more in love with Him as I just soak in His Presence and listen to Him more.
    On a totally different level, like most, I usually have a ‘resolution’ that has to do with losing pounds or diet or something. As I get older, I’m less focused on the pounds part and more focused on the fit part. I plan on racing in my first race this year, but it will probably be the 10K in Powell Butte next fall.
    I also am hoping to go to grad school this fall, so I suppose this should be on the list as well. Getting that essay ready and taking the steps to make it happen!
    Love ya Shandra and love this blog! Thanks for the encouragement:)



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