Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Pens, notebooks, bibles, highlighters, book light and these for early 2011~


Angela Thomas / Home My Single Mom Life. Anything by Angela is worth the price and your time. The fact that this jewel was found on the bargain book table by my son makes it an extra special re-read.

TrueFaced – Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and John Lynch – Audio  My friend Ms K gave this book to me after she began it.  I have only just begun but so far the theme seems  to challenge one to be transparent. Learning how to live with a heart wide open?

Fearless by Max Lucado As with Angela …Max Lucado. One of the groups of lovely men and women I get to hang out with are studying this together. Honesty. Transparency. Powerful.

Joyce Meyer Ministries — The Battle In Your Mind Another group of lovelies that I hang out  with are reading this. Powerful. Truth.

Speak Up with ConfidenceCarol Kent – Leadership – Church   For 20+years I have happily served behind the scenes in my communities and church homes, 10+ in Bend and at Westside . Gradually being moved closer to view. I have chosen to answer with a  big YES and just a weensy yikes? You will likely never see or hear me but the folks who do deserve a bit of Confidence and Clarity, me thinks.


And last but certainly NOT least…at least twice yearly I reread :

Dave Ramsey’s Total  Money Make Over:

FinancialPeace University

 Let me just plug this one. Perhaps like some, your finances are in a total mess. Perhaps like me,  you need(ed) to brush up or learn some $$ skills you’ve never had. Or perhaps you NEVER in your life knew there was another way. Whatever…a new perspective is always good.

There you have it friends.. with  a few Teacher related texts, manuals thrown in and perhaps a few others that might delight you.

What’s on your reading plan ? I would dearly love to hear!

Happy Reading!



This just in~

Robin Hemley | Turning Life Into Fiction

My friend Janet is leaving -off to the next season of God Adventure. She offered a selection of books and this one was in it. Timely.

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