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 You’ve read the story, dreamed the dream….We all have.  Be not embarrassed. It is the way we are wired. Created for Big Dreams . Dreams Of Captivating The King.

A young girl taken from her home, from all her own traditions, hopes and dreams, then herded into the King’s Palace to be part of the biggest Miss Persia Pageant in history. An occassional  spa day is good~ but this?

When I was young I loved to look at the illustrations of this story – images of  romance and happily ever after.  Right.

Really?  Esther quickly discovered she had been chosen by a man who changed his mind at every turn. King Xerxes was influenced by friends, money, fashion, and usually in a tiff.  Who, at a whim might cry “off with her head!”

Life lesson~ if one has no true  foundation, one will be swayed by whatever comes down the road…as did  this king. (you gotta read this story….drama, intrigue, , divorce, espionage, heroes, reversals…)

Esther; wise, patient, cautious, thoughtful, Prepared. A woman of honor, integrity, character and Favor.

At the crucial moment, Orphan Hadassah (Esther) rises up to finally take her rightful place. Grasps her Power- Her Authority. She knows her journey has been ‘for such a time as this”. The bigger picture…is not about her. She steps out of  (justified) childlike fear into Maturity. Esther the Orphan stepped out of her life circumstances and was Transformed.

She becomes Esther The Queen.

Chapter 4:17 check it out.

A story of Redemption. God is good that way. A story of Reversals. God can take evil and use it for Good. God takes Orphans and makes us Queens. God gives us Favor not because of anything we have done or can offer….because He is Enthralled with our beauty, potential and power. He knows for what we are Created.

It’s taken a while to get here. To step from the old ways into ways of The Queen. Queen of Everything There are days the Crown feels wobbly, even slips. Not yet a fluid role. But becoming smoother all the time. Life Lesson.: “to keep One’s Crown in Place One must ,at all times, keep The head up and eyes forward. ” Good advice, indeed.

And it helps to be captivating to The King.



There you have it. From Abigail, to Ruth, to Esther.

My Three. My Journey.

Until next time,  Shandra.

And please, when next we meet  no need to rise, curtsy or bow :)~~~you may simply  kiss my





 “We are more than from where we came”

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