Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Ruth I love ~blank pages~not so much. Not because there is nothing to say. On the contrary~because there is more than enough for days and days ! Yet by the beginning of January…pages of blankness.

Ruth of the Old Testament. Ruth the relative of King David and Jesus Christ. Ruth the ‘foreigner”. Ruth the Faithful daughter- in- law to a wounded widow . Ruth who never complained. Ruth, whose character set her apart from the very beginning.

I have always thought of this as a Love story. After all she finds her kinsman Redeemer, they wed,  live Happily Ever After.

The plan was to speak about this story not so long ago. Share some of the nuggets gleaned from more knowledgable folks. A story of Redemption. A story of Obedience. Of Loyalty (and a wee bit of Romance).

One of the things that always strikes me in this story is the kindness of Boaz. Ruth has made a good Witness of herself by her character. She has dedicated her Life to knowing God and serving Naomi. Two widows trying to survive. To do this she must toil in the fields, gleaning; the poorest of the poor. Women  in the fields were often harassed (or worse) by the land owners or their workers.

Boaz,  was a kind, gentle, Wise business man. Well known. (BTW~he came with his own baggage…look it up.)

Yet he took the time to learn the true story then Protect and Provide for a woman gleaning in his field who was from another country , who had nothing to offer him. Boaz displayed an amazing lack of Pride or Prejudice. THAT Beloved Friends, is the stuff that perfect relationships (ok fantasy Romances:) are made of!

I didn’t talk about Ruth. As much as I LOVE her  story of redemption , Obedience and Love it was time to move on.

“Get out of the field Shandra. Stop scratching in the dirt for ‘existence’. Time for a perspective change.”


Who knew.

So I did….

and it’s time for you, too. Lift up your eyes. Let’s go.

At some point Ruth accepts that God is talking to Boaz about much more than she understands .

Grace Givers

5 Replies to “Gleaning with Ruth”

  1. Loss, Love and are so right on two counts..A Beautiful Love Story and it takes eyes wide open and courage to move on and step out of the field- in obedience! Pam Mosher ….


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