Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

That was the theme. Loving it aren’t you? Sword wielding, dragon slaying~huh?~whoa back!

Amazing women of the Bible ~people like you n me. Three of them that have resonated with me since I became a Christian were the  messages. Good stuff.

1 Samuel 25 is where you’ll find Abigail.  A woman of character. A woman of wisdom. A woman of courage. Check out her story in the Old Testament. A woman who was not conformed to life circumstances, but was rather Transformed.

Because of her intelligence much damage, even death, was averted. Because of her wisdom Unity was restored. Because of her Insight and true humility,  her future and that of her household, was secure.

Because of her Courage (yes she went out there no sword, firearm, no body guards to face an angry mob of 400+ Warriors who were hungry and had been gravely insulted by her foolish husband. ) She faced the unknown with Wisdom, Eloquence, True Humility and Grace.

Abigail was a woman who could see the Big Picture.  A woman who relied faithfully on God and called forth what was not yet, As If It Was.

Ladies, God has very good plans for us. Believe. Receive.

PS~there are  many great commentaries on Women in Biblical times. Check some of them out. I am particularly fond of the intro to this one~(but note that I have not read the book)~

Women of the Old Testament by Camille Fronk Olson (Author), Elspeth Young (Illustrator)

From the beginning, women have been at the very heart of God’s plan. The scriptures are full of inspiring female characters whose stories have rich meaning and application for our lives today. Some are well-known biblical figures. Others are less familiar but make a valuable contribution to the scriptural message and inspire us to greater discipleship.

Until next time, Be Inspired and remember~
God has  very GOOD plans. Believe it. Receive it.

PSS~ do you have a fave? An amazing woman from the Bible who speaks to your Heart? I’d dearly love to know.

7 Replies to “Amazing Women of the Bible”

  1. Jael….tent stake through the temple of the enemy! Sometimes a woman just has to get down and dirty and take victory into here own hands.


  2. Gotta love Ms. Abigail. I can just see her loading the donkeys with cakes and buns…and then placing her ” buns” on her personal donkey to ride and carry out her courageous mission! Pam Mosher


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