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All planned.  Registered. Ready to Roll.


Well. The best laid plans. That means I’m here. With You. 🙂  Of course by the time this posts I will be well. The weekend will be long over and you will still be saying “who cares?” Well, I do. This weekend was to be one more of the Short Bucket List activities of 2011. 

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Maybe next year or perhaps next month.

Missing time planned with friends turned ‘family’ to  remember, laugh. You know , the guys n gals that saw you at your point of no return when finally Student Teaching was finished! They share the memories of first teaching jobs,  field trips. The Baby Showers, in the hospitals, meals (to hold the babies~mine who, btw will be 20 and 18 soon) We stood beside job loss, death, divorce, prodigals. Traded lesson plans, textbooks,  classroom (or playground or  locker room) duty. Job sharing,  thesis r-e-w-r-i-t-e-s-, going away , retirement parties. funerals.

Life. You know~those people.

Well. SO what’s a {writer} Woman to do?

Research And (re)write….

 One weekend. One Woman. On her own. No one knows she is home alone. Ahhhhhh. Just in case you’ve forgotten~

How to Have a PJ’s Day |


Until next time~ dreaming of feeties.

either way a Win!


after press note~ This is what Central Oregon awoke to~ and 8 hours later it is still coming down.
 One Woman home ,cozy and warm.  Alternate short bucket list item ~Titanic. Pass the tissues please. The 2011 (Short) Bucket List
This is the sight 3 days later when one of Those People discovered this homebound’s permafrost predicament:


What’s a {writer} to do>be Still>be Thankful>be Loved.



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