Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Sitting here with a list of ‘to dos’ which did not include blogging today. Several writings in the works, but this little heart is bursting with words and feelings and fondness  and words…so,  here it is.

Overcome. Overwhelmed. You in the front row, balcony, aisle seat  and outer edges who lay down self everyday. Who risk it all to be real, to show and share the Love in your hearts,  willingly- openly vulnerable. Without shouting or picketing. Quietly, often without recognition. Behind the scenes. Season after Season.

This wells up from a brief phone conversation with a long time friend who is doing just that right this moment. If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. Her selfless love will impact and change generations to come. Some  rescue animals. Others rescue children, men and women from the streets. Restoring marriages, finances, the grief stricken. Listening to a brokenheart. Sharing coffee with a lonely. Friend D who shoveled my walk and driveway. To her no big deal, to me huge. People who pray for total strangers in other countries. People who go to the nations to share real life, real love. An email just now asking for prayer to be shining examples. Young and Old who mentor, guide and raise up others. Gently.

You are  Heroes. Allow me to encourage you to realize the great impact you have. ..As the email sums it up~May we love on them and be shining examples of Christ’s Love in and through our lives by living more so than saying it.

How are you paying it forward?

Until next  time, this is your  invitation to join me in Living  More and saying less.

Love IS a Verb. Love IS Action. Love Is Unity

Remember~ALWAYS be kinder than you need to be. Please.



 The Social Scene of 2015

2 Replies to “Pay It Forward”

  1. Thanks for this. I had a number of things in mind to polish up and post today and life changed that as my Mom interrupted my day by needing me. Yes, that’s how I felt initially but spending the time with her brought me to so many shining examples of sharing the light of Christ . . . and paying it forward as you say. Those who do mind blowing things like some of those you mention pay it forward for sure, but we can all do our part as well and sometimes just a kind smile can change a life . . . it just takes a willing heart! Let’s change the world!


    1. Oh Martha thank you for your encouragement , your testimony, the time you spend with your loved one and The One. We are indeed the Changers…one smile at a time 🙂


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