Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Winter is almost Over~Spring is Hiding Near~

Can you See Her?


I think we all need a little spring today!

 I’m sending you some Spring!!!!
Click on the snowman.   (or the small black box)
A new window will open.
Click & drag your mouse over the black screen


  CLICK IN THE BOX for New Life 🙂

~Behold! The Season of ‘Hiding’ (dormancy) Is Over..
tiffany ann lewis
A New Season Is Here.

2 Replies to “Sending Spring Your Way”

    1. We can Not have that! 🙂
      Click on the Snowman (Or small black box if there is no snowman)
      A new screen will open.
      When this black screen shows~click on it. click again… Watch your own garden grow. ♥

      and a B-I-G shout out to Friend Melodie who first found and shared this little Smile Maker. 😉



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