The Unfortunate Incident of the Finnish Cookie~Bicuits; Or Lessons From Doubling the Recipe

The plan was brilliant. During our monthly social in March we would have a Celebration Of Remembrance for one of our own.  We would each take one of her recipes for Norwegian Sweets, bake it up, share with our fellow worker bees. Easy! 🙂

You may know by now I ♥ to eat. Public displays of cooking…not so much. Understand I actually ♥ cooking, It;s the p-u-b-l-i-c  (critiquing) I can do without.

“Choose wisely” I thought all those months ago. A  simple recipe for Finnish Almond Cookies. Whew. This I can do. Just double the few ingredients.

Puttering around the kitchen that night. All the ingredients on hand. All’s well. Even the egg white came out clean.   The batter was yummy! Stop eating and Keep mixing .

Hmmm. The dough seems awfully dry. Safe, second opinions  welcome. Always the encourager he said they were “fine”.

Brushing on more egg white, more sugar, into the oven. “Tastes like shortbread Mom. It’s fine”  But they seemed so dry.  Even looking up the recipe on the internet for confirmation. Yep. All there. So I kept baking.

Our party Across The Hall  was on the morrow. Tired, but finally finished. The last one cooled and placed in the tub. Walking over to reheat my tea I opened the microwave. There,  patient and relaxed, waited  the other half of the butter. Everything came into focus now. I had doubled every thing except the incredible moistening agent.

In the old days the old me would have cried and cried. F-a-i-l. Whether it was the fatigue or the Faith….peals of laughter. Tears running down my cheeks-doubled over- from the core laughter. And the encouraging words from the mind reader “you really are not the worst cook in the world.” Laughter rang in our little home that night.

The Finnish easy Almond Cookies turned Biscuits covered in more sugar and less butter than one needs taught some lessons. Likely there’re many inner spirit wisdoms here~have at it. Just scratching the surface with:~

*surround yourself with people who support you through, and despite, your issues, mistakes and fears.

*accept the mistakes, find the lessons and  humor in them. to paraphrase – retelling  this story gave dozens of  people 10 minutes of good laugh time.

*laugh at yourself whenever possible (don’t take yourself too seriously~no one else does.)


* Celebrate the all night Corner  Bakery.


Until next time~~~Double Your Portion, Celebrate Something and Laugh O-U-T-L-O-U-D.

The most wasted of all days is that without Laughter…eecummings

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