Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

yes, another one.

I have never seen The Passion of the Christ.

Until last Sunday.

Should you watch it? YES!  NO! I really don”t  know…what’s best for you. If you’ve seen the entire movie, I think you are amazing.

There i was. My son across the very small room while I paced in the small kitchen and silently wept,  sat with my pillow and my blanket and  silently wept.

Where are you? In what do you believe? I have been a “Christian” for a good number of years. Ten+ years ago I stepped out of “lukewarm”. Five + years ago I stepped into BEING a CHRIST seeker.

God’s timing is perfect in every aspect – when He seems to be silent He suddenly bursts forth having been working, moving, making narrow paths where there were none. God’s good that way.

 Even for the timing of this movie viewing. Forgetting about the time change. so it had already begun. For some reason I imagined it (Pollyanna style)  differently. With some nice little intro, Warm and fuzzy. But there He was. unrecognizable. Bloody. Scourged almost to death. And it never let up. They never stopped. 

Neither did He. Not until it was finished.

I was torn. Turn away. Leave the room It’s more than I can bear. My own mommy heart broke with Mary as she watched her son, nothing she could do.

Turn away. Leave the room. It’s more than I can bear. My own repentant , bubble wrapped heart broke that He should suffer so.

 Shandra, this is how much I love you. Can you not see that I would want for you only the best. Can you not see? Trust Me.

My Jesus loves me just as I am…imperfect, human, falling down and getting back up, me.

This Jesus loves you just as you are…imperfect, human. Can you not see?

I confess … I have never before seen the true Passion of The Christ…for me. for this World.

I have a confession. …a new admiration, understanding and passion for this Savior and His heart for me.

How can I stay silent? How can I not share what He has done in, to and for me? 

Can’t you see?

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